I WON !!!

OMG, y’all! I won the Maggie for Short Contemporary with Return To Paradise! Tanya Michaels (chapter mate,a humorous lady, and terrific writer) presented the certificate and a lovely Maggie medallion, which I’m wearing in the picture below.

Tanya Michaels and me Posted by Picasa

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About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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15 Responses to I WON !!!

  1. >*cheering*Congrats, Carol!

  2. Lynn Daniels says:

    >I’m still so excited for you! WOO HOO!

  3. Carol B. says:

    >Thanks, Joely!And Thanks, Lynn. It was great meeting you in person.

  4. Peggy says:

    >Saw your post on the RWCList. Congratulations, Carol!

  5. Caryn says:

    >That’s terrific! Congratulations!

  6. Vonda says:

    >Double WOW!!!!! That’s terrific!!! Major CONGRATULATIONS, Carol!!! :-)

  7. randy says:

    >Woo HOO!!! All that and a petty medallion, too? You must be walking on air!! HUGE congrats, Carol!!!

  8. >Way to go, Carol! Major congrats!!

  9. Sharon says:

    >Whoo-hoo, Carol! Good news all around! Congrats!

  10. Jerrdren says:

    >Big Congrats, Carol…this is fabulous news!

  11. >Congratulations :)

  12. >I’m thrilled for you, Carol…congratulations!

  13. Carol B. says:

    >You guys are terrific. Thanks for all your good wishes.

  14. >Congratulations on the win! That’s great!

  15. Amie Stuart says:

    >Congratulations Carol that’s FAB!!!!!!

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