Today’s #WWoW! A Change of Scenery

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View from Treasures Times, a Cabins For You retreat

View from Treasures Times, a Cabins For You retreat

When I lived in Georgia, I used to meet a writing friend at the local Starbucks to write and critique. We could have met at either of our homes, but we made it a point to not meet there in order to avoid the usual distractions. At first, I didn’t think the surrounding noise would work for me and I don’t even drink coffee! However, I tried it and was surprised. I was there to write. So write I did. We sometimes paused to brainstorm and plot, but I almost always came away energized about my story and writing again. Even the noise led me to concentrate on the words, on what really mattered – the story.

Last weekend, I took a trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with the express purpose of reconnecting with writers and my writing. We stayed at a lovely lodge/log cabin in Pigeon Forge. Treasured Times certainly lived up to its name. I do treasure the time I spent there, the conversations, the ideas, the quiet writing time with only the soft clack of working keyboards as background sounds.

For me, the change of scenery worked like a charm. I tend to get in a rut, sitting in the same place in my home. Sometimes, that translates to checking e-mail and social media first, rather than writing. Getting away, putting an emphasis on writing, or just putting yourself in a situation where distractions are few and writing is the goal can be wonderfully freeing for the mind. Try it. I think you’ll see it works for you.


Another view from Treasures Times, a Cabins For You retreat

Snow coming down at Treasures Times, a Cabins For You retreat

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  1. Lacey Wolfe says:

    I love Pigeon Forge. Great area. We live in GA and try t get up that way every couple of years.

  2. Susan Carlisle says:

    Getting away always makes it easier to get writing done. So glad you had such a productive time.

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