Her Unexpected Family #giveaway

CarolBurnside_HerUnexpectedFamily_500pxHer Unexpected Family is the Book-of-the-Day (BAD) giveaway on The Romance Studio today. It’s a simple drawing which you can enter by clicking on the link above.

Want to know more about the book before you enter? Check out the Blurb and excerpt here on my website.

Here’s what others are saying:

“This is one roller-coaster of an emotional story. It is tender, heart-warming and at times heart-breaking. But I loved it.”– Laura: 5/5 star Recommended Read, Amazon

“Ms Burnside’s books are alway fun, always carefully crafted to maintain the readers interest and keep the pages turning.” — S.Weeaks, 5/5 star Amazon review

“…it will tear your heart open and whether it is sewn back together again or not is how you take to the story the author has laid out in front of you” — Tasha, 5/5 star Goodreads review

“I found this read to be very touching and also very humorous. Yes, I said humorous … I recommend this read for readers that don’t mind pulling out the tissues and looking like a fool when crying over a book and if you don’t mind laughing out load in the middle of nowhere whilst reading.” Desere, Romance Book Haven, 4/5 star review from Goodreads

“I laughed at the humor, cried with the heartbreaking parts and sympathized with their plight as they tried to find their lasting love. Well written characters meshed with a well developed plot for true reading pleasure. Real page turner. I look forward happily to the next book in the series.” — Shirley Buchanan, Romance Book Haven, 5/5 star review

Good Luck!

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1st impression: Bachelorette Andi

Last night was the premiere of the Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman and her 25 contestants. Among them was Eric Hill, who died from injuries sustained during a paragliding accident (unrelated to the show – he’d already been eliminated). There is talk on the internet of how insensitive it would be for ABC to show Eric and how painful it would be for his family.

I’ve lost family members, including a brother. I know the pain that comes with it and feel much differently about the situation. I give ABC a first impression rose for leaving him in the show.

If his passing is still too raw and the family doesn’t feel they can’t deal with seeing him on the show just yet, they won’t. I suspect some of them will record it to watch at a later date, and when they do, they’ll remember the son/brother/nephew/grandson they loved and will cherish his image and celebrate a vibrant life.

I came to that conclusion because there are many times I wish I had a tape or audio recording of my mother, my grandmother, my dad. I saved the last voice mail I received from my brother and have kept it in my phone for over three years, even though he was sharing bad news relating to his worsening health problems. Does it tear my heart out to hear his voice? Oh, yeah. Sometimes it’s almost unbearably painful, but I don’t have it in me to hit that delete button. Maybe someday I’ll feel differently, but for now it soothes something inside me more than it rips away.

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Rain makes the garden happy

Things around here are having a growth spurt due to all the rain we’ve been getting. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get at least one cloudburst. The dogs don’t like it much because it means less time outdoors and some days without their run in the field. Other things are thriving under the delicious drizzle.

Like what, you say?

Well, like my tomato garden on the back deck and new flowers I planted. See?










The tomato plant farthest away has 5-6 tomatoes on it now and it’s a Whopper, so they’ll be “sandwich slicers.” The little one next to it is a Patio tomato and has nearly a dozen fruits already. They’re smallish (4-6 oz.) and are delicious. I still have two varieties I haven’t potted yet, but the one closest to the camera is a Supersweet 100, which yields tons of dime sized cherry tomatoes.

I can hardly wait to start serving them up in delicious tomato salads and BLT’s and roasted with zucchini!

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Wanted: Street Team Volunteers!

I’m in dire need of a street team filled with readers who love sizzling romance with heart and humor! Volunteer here…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this Indie publishing gig isn’t for the fainthearted. I knew it would be a lot of work, but…

>Checking off tasksI write the books.
I run them by my critique partner, clean them up and send them to my editor.
I engage a reputable graphic artist to create a professional cover.
When edits are ready, I revise the manuscript again and clean up.
Sometimes a second round of edits/revisions/cleanup is warranted.
I reformat the file so it will produce a clean electronic file.
I even convert theMC900157039[1] files to .mobi, ePub and PDF.
I upload the e-book files to five different sites, some with wider distribution.
I re-format the book for print distribution, enter all the pertinent data and upload to another site.
Once I’m assured I have a final page count, I order the print cover, then upload that file.
I order a proof book and inspect, make changes if needed. Repeat process if needed.
Easiest part: I approve final proof book. Now the print book is live!
And my work has just begun…

Now, I’m not complaining, just explaining why an author without the backing of a publishing house to shoulder some of the work (not that they do much/any publicity) needs a street team. I’m on overload trying to get six or more books out to my readers this year and keep up with this website, guest blogging, plus blogging here and on PetitFoursAndHotTamales.com.

Then comes the promotions work!MM900174031[1]

Believe me, there’s precious little time to write in all that, which doesn’t bode well for future releases. Hence, the need for a street team.

As I understand it, a street team is made up of volunteers willing to:
review the books, then tweet, Facebook, or blog them,
post covers on Pinterest,
add the author’s books and reviews to their individual Goodreads, Shelfari and Library Thing bookshelves and so forth.
In other words, they assist the author in spreading the word about her books through whatever social media they use.
If the author has print books available, they also venture into their local bookstores, tell the manager’s about the author’s books, request they stock them and distribute bookmarks supplied by the author.
Street Teams also “like” the author’s pages, “like,” comment and share the author’s blog and FB posts or tweets.
It’s not a requirement to do it all, just what the volunteer is comfortable with.

Woman Giving Gift, Portrait, Blurred.In exchange, the author supplies them with a private loop (Mine is on Yahoo!, the “Sassy Sizzlers”) or Facebook group (or both) for street team business, advance previews of new works, promotional materials, free books and swag just for them. As the author’s sales increase, swag might include specially designed t-shirts, hats, pens, GC’s, pins or book bags with the street team’s logo.

Interested? Fill out the form below to send me a private message and include the line “I’ll pimp you!” in the comment area. Thanks! I’ll be in touch soon with a grateful heart.

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Oh, Pheobe! Srsly???

DSC03168I’ve written in past years about the Phoebe pair who nest under the eave of my back porch. Well, they’re back again this year and have already had one nest of fluffy little babies. As you can see from a previous year’s photo, their nest is built on practically no ledge at all and sticks to the surrounding area.

About a week ago, we had several days of rain and their fledgling darlings were unceremoniously set free by a collapsing nest. One didn’t survive.

WP_20140514_009 WP_20140514_010Last year the pair were quite, er, productive and had three clutches. So, Hubby and I discussed adding a little support for the nest, but another few days of drizzle and Hubby’s work taking him out of town delayed our plan.

I saw Mama Phoebe bringing in nesting material. She worked on another nest, away from the corner which gave it even less support (Hello…birdbrain!), only to have it fall as well. I got to work shoring up their area as best I could, giving her a platform on which to work.

I checked periodically, but didn’t see her up there again. Had she given up on her nesting spot?

Then, while letting the dogs out, I caught a flutter of wings and glanced up. That’s when the “Oh, Phoebe! Seriously?” came into play. I’d given her a better place to build, but she’d quickly established a new nest on our outdoor ceiling fan. Good thing I hadn’t switched it on!

Hubby and I are going to check for eggs this afternoon. If it’s still empty, we’re going to try a transfer over to her former location. Update to follow.

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The Brit Babes are Recruiting!

The Brit Babes are eight critically acclaimed British erotica authors and we need you for our Street Team!

The Babes are:

Emmy Ellis
Kay Jaybee
KD Grace
Victoria Blisse
Lexie Bay
Lily Harlem
Lucy Felthouse
Tabitha Rayne

Background to the Babes

The idea for the Brit Babes began a little over a year ago when a group of us got together for one of those rare opportunities to sit and chat to other writers. We were at Eroticon 2013 and after a day of networking, we were discussing the problems faced by writers and whether, as a group, we could help each other to promote our work. The conversation evolved over several glasses of wine, as these things do and we came up with the idea for the Brit Babes based on the fact that eight people working together would be better than one!

While we were talking we decided that not only did we want to get our books out there, we also wanted somewhere online where we could interact with and involve our readers and so the idea of the Brit Babes Street Team was born.

What is a Street Team

What is a ‘street team’? Basically, as authors we want our work to be read. The best way to get the word out for us is through the medium of reviews, which is why we need readers who are happy to tell the world what they think of our stories.

Our members post reviews for our erotic romance and erotica books on Amazon and Goodreads as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the word on the ‘street’ about our work. We also connect on Pinterest too.

So at first we started off with a Yahoo group and a few readers that we knew already tweeted and posted about our work and the results have been fabulous! We now have a group of dedicated readers who shout about our new releases and come and gossip with us and each other on our Yahoo and Facebook groups.

So if you enjoy talking all things erotica and erotic romance and you want to be part of a growing community, why not come and join us? Not only will you have fun but we’ll also send you free copies of our books in return for posting reviews on as many websites and social media platforms as you can! We also host cool monthly prizes exclusively for team members.

Leave us a comment at the below link with your email address and we’ll be in touch ASAP!


We can’t wait to hear from you.

The Brit Babes xx

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Giveaways galore

CarolBurnside_ASuitableWife800You’ll have to act quick on this first one, but an ecopy of A Suitable Wife is the book-of-the-day (BAD) giveaway TODAY on ARe Cafe. But that’s not all…

And there’s more time on this one, but enter now so you won’t forget. I’m giving away several autographed print copies of A Suitable Wife on Goodreads. There may be some swag involved too. Check out the link for more details.


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Wicked Nights giveaway hop

Alpha Male Madness Hop

Wicked Nights. Oh, yeah. We LOVE those naughty…steamy… oh-so-wicked reads. Check out all of our favorite scorching hot books, heroes and heroines. There will be more naughty giveaways at every stop so be sure to check them all out!

Welcome to my section of the Wicked Nights giveaway hop. I’m giving away an ecopy of Insight, the introduction to my sexy, sensual Crainesian world, where Crainys most definitely enjoy Wicked Nights! To step into that world for a bit, check out the pics below, read the blurbs and excerpts for Phantoms & Fantasies or Bittersweet Obsessions and enjoy.

Finished reading already? Then enter my giveaway below. Fulfill one, two or three, as many as you like. Each answer or newsletter signup equals an entry. Answer/complete all three: Three entries for you!

Answer this question about Bittersweet Obsessions: Who do you think Teriza will ultimately find happiness with?
1a) her soul mate
1b) the uber hot sexual surrogate who helps heal her, or
1c) the hunky Texan, her surrogate’s best friend?

Brett Hollands (inspiration for the soul mate)


Marcus Schenkenberg (My inspiration for the sexual surrogate)

Clive Owen (inspiration for hunky Texan / surrogate’s friend)










Subscribe to my newsletter and let me know what e-mail you signed up with. Signup form is in the top right column on this page. Entries will be verified.

Put these themes of erotic romance novellas in order of preference as to which you’d be most likely to purchase and read.

3a) Naughty Nuptials (“cute meets” and hookups at weddings and receptions/reunions of former lovers/etc.)
3b) Beaches/summer/sunsets/islands
3c) Holidays (incl Valentines, St. Pat’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s etc.)

Contest will end May 21st at 12:00 pm EDT. Each entry will be given a number in the order presented, winners will be chosen by Random.org and I’ll post in the comments,  in a separate blog post and on my Facebook page.

Next, stop by each blog listed on the main event page (http://theherdhops.blogspot.com/p/may.html) to check out all of our favorites and enter the giveaways each blog is hosting.

Good luck and happy reading!

Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn

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Party, #prizes and pimping

Announcing the TRS Staying Home Party with prizes and more!

If you’re a romance reader, this is the place for you. While many authors are partying at the RT convention, some of us will be getting our groove on at the The Romance Studio’s  party site – online style. Click on the graphic above and join in the party!

There will be blatant pimping of books, which means a lot of prizes to be won in the way of ebooks, swag, and gift certificates, including one whopper GC! In addition, you can browse through blurbs and eye candy, excerpts and beautiful cover art to find new reads that’ll make your e-reader groan with satisfaction.


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Next Wed: Wicked Nights Blog Hop!

Are you ready for wicked nights, naughty excerpts and delicious pics of washboard abs? Well, they’ll be here Wednesday!

naughty nights2

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