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My publishing schedule is as follows:


His Small Town Princess
(Sweetwater Springs: The Baxter’s #3)(e-book)

CarolBurnside_HisSmallTownPrincess200J.T. Baxter is having a very bad year. As if adjusting to widower status and caring for two sons, weren’t enough, he has a landscaping business to keep afloat with a loan coming due. The last thing he needs is the town princess waltzing into his life with a business proposal he can’t afford to refuse.

Cassandra Bing feels adrift after her father’s death, a nasty broken engagement and enduring a job she loathes. She’s searching for her niche, something that would’ve made her dad proud and will bring her fulfillment. But gardening is a hot, dirty business, and soon she’s wishing she’d made a different sort of proposition to the sexy dad.

As an affair escalates between J.T. and Cass, tensions grow in a house where secrets fester. Can her presence begin to heal the Baxter household, or will their tender feelings become a casualty of the impending emotional storm?

Also in 2014

Print versions of the Sweetwater Springs: Baxter Trilogy

SSSeries covers_CBurnside   Available in May                          Available in July                           Coming soon…


Late Summer-Early Fall, 2014

CarolBurnside_Heart2Heart_smHeart to Heart
(A short story collection) (e-book)


Do Over,  contemporary romance published in Seasons and Seashells anthology by Petit Fours and Hot Tamales authors.

Home for Christmas, contemporary Christmas romance Indie published Nov, 2013.. Joseph and Danni are friends who became lovers one Christmas, but weren’t ready to admit their feelings. Years later, on another lonely Christmas Eve, fate gives them an unexpected second chance. Will they seize the opportunity, or shy away once again?

Cutest Thing in Jeans, futuristic, and a cute, fun read

Marinara Magic, contemporary romance. Can a female carpenter and a male chef find common ground?

Mr. Dependable, contemporary romance. A friends-to-lovers romantic story.

and more . . .

FALL, 2014

Nobody’s Baby (pre-orders)


Nobody’s Baby
(a contemporary romance novel) (e-book and print)

She was the incubator, nothing more
until the parents died tragically
Now she’s having
Nobody’s Baby.

For Kate Morissey, becoming a surrogate seems like a great way to refill her tuition account and get the education she’s always wanted. After putting her life on hold to raise and educate her two brothers, she’s desperate for freedom and a college degree that will secure her future. Weeks away from realizing her dreams, a freak accident threatens everything.

Adopted as a boy into the safety of the Hawthorne family, Rio swore he’d never become a father. He won’t pass along his cruel legacy of abuse. When he inherits the last Hawthorne heir, obligation and duty dictates he abandon the challenges of guiding safari’s and become a parent. Convincing Kate to teach him infant care was the easy part. Proving his love isn’t her prison may be the hardest thing he’s ever done.


TBA – A holiday love story IF I can work it into this crazy schedule.

Stay tuned for breaking news . . .


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