>Georgia Aquarium

> Thought I’d post a few more pics of the wonders of the GA Aquarium. We’re going back in a few days and will try to get more shots, now that we know to turn off the flash, etc. Some of these were taken by my DH and I, some by my good friend, Heidi.

The small yellow and white fish is from the coral reef exhibit.
The mantas and whale shark are from the large tank with a plexiglass tunnel running through it. That’s why you see big guy from underneath. Massive, isn’t he?

According to the guide outside the octopus tank, it’s asleep. Wonder if the starfish is just keeping him company?

Having encountered jellyfish when we lived in Hawaii, I was glad those guys were behind a glass wall.

So, anyone going to the RWA National Convention in July?

Check back for another post this weekend – more Atlanta sights.

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6 Responses to >Georgia Aquarium

  1. Nalini Singh says:

    >Thanks for the pictures, Carol. I’m not going to Atlanta, but at least I can live vicariously through you *G*


  2. >Great pics, C! (And I’m glad to hear you’re around, just busy.)When I was in Vancouver, BC we went to the aquarium and saw the beluga whales. First time I’d ever seen them. They’re really amazing. Like little floating icebergs. My daughter (who wasn’t even two at the time) loved it and still talks about them (she has an amazing memory).


  3. Judy Gilbert says:

    >I can’t wait to see more pictures. It makes me want to go there.


  4. randy says:

    >Great pics (which are making me weep because I have, er, misland (LOST?) my BRAND NEW camera and I haven’t even paid for it yet). I plan on visiting the aquarium while in Atlanta, and now I’ll be bummed ‘cuz I won’t be able to take wonderful pictures like these. (Okay, slinking off to wallow in my stupidity…)


  5. randy says:

    >Oops. That was mislaid, not misland…see, I can’t type past the glumness.


  6. Vonda says:

    >Super pics, Carol! I love aquariums. I’ve been to the one in Charleston SC and Gatlinburg TN (I think. I always get Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge mixed up.) 🙂 Anyway it’s always a treat to see all these animals.


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