>The Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith

>Now, for book No. 2.

In my opinion, The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith is another must read and the fact that I’m showcasing it second is only the result of the fact it hasn’t been released yet. But this book is g-o-o-d!!!

How do I know?

Because Ms. Smith is a genius.

If you hop over to Belle Books, you’ll be treated to not one or two, or even the three chapters normally offered as a teaser. Oh, no. Ms. Smith and Belle Books have granted us access to five –Yes, 5!–chapters of her September, 2006 release.

I first discovered this book when I opened the Belle Books website to look for updates on their submissions page. Well, they say to read their books to get an idea of what they publish, and there it was–Chapter 1 for my reading pleasure.

Ms. Smith had me at the word ‘hello’. Oh, no, wait. That was another story, er, movie–wasn’t it?

Same sentiment relates to this book. Deborah Smith sucks you in with the first line of the prologue and doesn’t let go. Unlike some books, she delivers on the promise of that hook.

Go read the posted chapters of The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith and join the throng of folks waiting impatiently for the rest of the story.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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7 Responses to >The Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith

  1. >I’ve never read Deborah Smith, but I might pick one up later. What kind of books does she write? (traditional romance???)


  2. randy says:

    >I did as suggested and “hopped” on over–wow! I see what you mean. Hooks you from the start and keeps you dangling. One thing, though. She kept calling it “Ventura Highway”–we call it “the Ventura Freeway”. To me, it’s a glaring error, but oh well.


  3. Carol B. says:

    >Isn’t Ventura Highway from that song, The Love Shack? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong.


  4. randy says:

    >America sang a song called Ventura Highway–they got it wrong, too *g*.Ha. Intesting–I just checked to see if that’s what it was called and their website is http://www.venturahighway.com!But really…it would be like calling the Jersey Turnpike the Jersey Freeway…I’m sure a lot of people think it’s “highway” because of that song.


  5. >Hmm… I’ve never read any of Deborah Smith’s books. I’ll have to check them out tomorrow when I go to Borders for a little shopping spree. *g*


  6. deb smith says:

    >Bless your heart, Carol! I just got the newest edition of Publishers Weekly magazine, the “bible” of the book publishing world, and it contains the WORST review PW has ever given me in my entire career, on — guess which book — The Crossroads Cafe. So it was a heart-helping delight to find your nice comments about the book online. Thank you a million times! Deb Smith


  7. Carol B. says:

    >You’re very welcome, Deb. The PW review is just proof that this business is very subjective. I meant every word I said about you and The Crossroads Cafe.


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