>More RWA Nat’l pics and tidbits.

>See? I told you I had more pics.

This one is of the
gracious Nora
Roberts (J.D.
Robb) who
endured the flash
going off at
least three times
before we got a
decent picture.

Emilie Rose signed her latest
Desire, Exposing The Executive’s
. Doesn’t she look pretty
in pink?

How nice to finally
meet Allison Brennan
after talking to her
online, and living
vicariously through
her getting The Call,
and seeing her books
in print. The Hunt,
The Prey
and The
are all currently
available. I’m so
happy for her.

Next up is Shelley Bradley.
Isn’t she a cutie? Shelley
writes erotic romance, signed
Bound and Determined and
is a chapter mate in
Passionate Ink

Congratulations go to
GRW chapter mate
Dianna Love Snell for a
RITA win on her debut
book, Worth Every Risk.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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6 Responses to >More RWA Nat’l pics and tidbits.

  1. randy says:

    >Hey–you and Nora look good together…maybe a collaboration in the future? I can picture the book jacket…


  2. Liz Falkner says:

    >What fantastic Photos. Everyone is so photogenic. I can’t believe you actually have one with Nora Roberts! That’s great.


  3. Carol B. says:

    >Oh, yeah, Randy. I’m sure that contract is imminent. LOL


  4. Carol B. says:

    >Hey, Liz! I just asked if I could take a picture and she asked me to come around behind her table. I guess in this case, it’s true you don’t get what you don’t ask for.


  5. >Wow, what great pics! I’m so jealous you have a picture with Nora . . . she’s one gracious lady.


  6. Carol B. says:

    >As are you, my dear! Thanks for stopping by.


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