>Tuesday’s Tidbits

>Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Over on the Blaze authors blog, Alison Kent showed off her new cover for One Good Man and gave us a second showing of the recent video from ABC’s Nightline on Harlequin books. Her cover was the one they were shooting in the video. Too cool!

She’s also got a poll on there, the results of which I found very interesting. Check it out.

Brenda Novak’s 2009 Online Auction to benefit Diabetes Research is underway. Go. Browse. Bid. It’s for a good cause and if you’re a writer or reader, you’ll love, love, love the offerings.

Jill Shalvis had a funny I Love Lucy kind of day and lived to tell us about it. Bless her heart. Love the look of her blog too. I’m totally envious.

Linda Winfree is in a reading slump. Have a book you loved? Go recommend it to her. While you’re over there, check out her awesome book covers.

Susan May, author of Nick’s New Heart is chronicling her 20-yr-old son’s recovery from his most recent open heart surgery with all it’s ups and downs.

And for you YA readers, Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book blog now features YA books on her new feature, Saturday Breakfast (Book) Club/YA Style!

If you haven’t checked out the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog, you should. There’s lots of great posts and we try to have an author and a contest or giveaways every week. As an added bonus, nine of PF&HT’s authors have written a serialized novelette and the first chapter posted Sunday. Go check it out. There’s a contest associated with it and a new chapter for each of the next eight weeks.

Okay, I’ve shared my finds, now share yours or at least point me in the right direction. What cool stuff have you found on blogs lately?

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  1. >Hey Carol,I LOVE Jill Shalvis’s website. She is sooooo funny. Check out today’s post where she posted a review I did for her new release….. Color me thrilled when I saw that this morning!!!Tami


  2. >I will, Tami. Thanks for the head’s up.


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