>Wednesday’s Word: hoary Wat’s it mean?

>Hoary /\HOR-ee\/ (adjective)

MSWORD’s definition:
1. Overused: old and stale from overuse
2. white with age
3. covered with pale, gray, or white hairs

1 : gray or white with or as if with age
2 : extremely old : ancient

The way I’ve seen hoary used most often is thus:
Millicent awoke to find a hoary frost covering the tender shoots in her garden.
Using it in that way doesn’t seem to fit the definition very well because of the age factor associated with the word. Let’s try again.

The dog’s hoary coat and gentle eyes illustrated his long, loyal service to the old man.

The strange creatures who entered the space bar that evening were gaunt to the point of being emaciated, their thick, wrinkled hide hoary, though some of them were obviously quite young.

By her fourth book, the author’s unimaginative descriptions had become quite hoary.

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