What’s goin’ on?

I’ve been hinting at a new project because I wasn’t sure if anything would pan out on it, but now something has and I’m ready to share.

I entered the Editor Pitch Challenge for Harlequin Mills and Boon’s Medical Romance line a couple weeks ago. Today the authors invited to pitch were announced and my name was among them! Squeeeeee!

I’m pitching a new manuscript with a working title of Prescription for Love. It’s a “Baywatch meets Private Practice” book with a handsome but misguided doctor, a Baywatch-type clinic babe with a few secrets, plenty of conflict and sexual tension, and a set of precocious twins.

The pitch is March 1st, so I’ll be scarce – writing my not-so-little tushy off in an effort to complete as much of this manuscript as I possibly can (plus a short synopsis) before the pitch date. Ack!

Wish me luck, pleeeease?

About Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn

Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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21 Responses to What’s goin’ on?

  1. pamelavmason says:


    You don’t need it, but I wish all good luck for you anyway.


  2. Samir says:

    Good luck!


  3. Randy says:

    That’s so cool, Carol! A new direction! Best of luck!


  4. Kerry-Ann McDade says:

    That’s awesome 🙂 GOOD-LUCK!!! 😀


  5. Carol, this is so wonderful. Best of luck to you!!!


  6. Michele says:

    Best of luck!! You have talent on your side, dearie! 🙂


  7. tamibrothers says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m with Pamela. I think you will do great but I’ll send tons of luck your way to tilt the scales in your favor. 🙂


  8. Sandra Elzie says:

    Carol, I wish you only success! Congrats & I can’t wait to hear that you have a contract.


  9. maxine says:

    There’s not a doubt in my mind! You’ll be fabulous! (But still wishing you tons fo luck.)


  10. Pam Asberry says:

    Oh, YES! GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

    Fingers, toes–everything is crossed!


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