#SnippetSunday: His Small Town Princess

CarolBurnside_HisSmallTownPrincess800I’m participating in Snippet Sunday and sharing a few lines from my current WIP (work in progress), which also happens to be the 3rd novel in my Sweetwater Springs series. These books are contemporary, sexy, humorous, emotional and full of Southern small town charm.

So, without further ado, here are J.T. and Cass in the greenhouse one morning:
* * *

“Please stop saying sex.” He looked away from her, emphasizing the request with a frustrated hand flourish.

It appeared she’d flustered him. Cass smiled, gaining confidence. “Avoiding the word won’t keep either of us from imagining the possibilities of where and when and whether clothes are involved.”

Oh, how she’d imagined. All through her shower and the drive here, she could hardly think of anything else.

J.T.’s gaze targeted her chest, then swung away.

“Yes. Today I’m wearing a bra. Panties, too. Would you like to know what kind?”

“No.” His cheeks puffed on an exhale, and his gaze raked over her again. “Yes.”
* * *

A Small Town Princess will be released later this year. However, the first two books in the series are available in ebook and print. Click HERE for info, excerpts, reviews and buy links.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my snippet! Click the Sunday Snippet link above to enjoy more snippets by other authors.


About Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn

Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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17 Responses to #SnippetSunday: His Small Town Princess

  1. P.T. Wyant says:

    Really cute exchange! I love the switch that he’s the one who’s flustered.


  2. What fun. I look forward to more excerpts. Contras on the upcoming released.


  3. elainecsc2013 says:

    Such a fun snippet. I like this girl. Congrats on the upcoming release.


  4. Sarah W says:

    A take-charge kind of lady! I agree wtih P.T.—it makes a nice change. 🙂


  5. Gem says:

    “No”…”Yes”. Great scene as background for the crisp, humorous dialogue. Nicely done.


  6. FCEtier says:

    Interesting variation from the “Stop. Stop. Stop….Don’t stop,” thing.
    Nice 8!


  7. I hope she knows him pretty well.


  8. siobhanmuir says:

    Bwahahaha! She’s got his number. Fun snippet, Carol. 🙂


  9. I love the last line. He’s got to make a choice, she is totally right.


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