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Bio: Carol Burnside

While growing up, Carol most often had her nose buried in a book, occasionally hearing characters having conversations that weren’t in those books. Then one day she decided to write some of those pesky voices down and became a writer. Happiness ensued within this native Texan who loves emotional reads with steamy sex and happy endings.

Carol Burnside is an award-winning author traditionally published in short stories. Her romances are indie published in e-book and print. Five of her novel length manuscripts have placed in numerous RWA chapter contests and won five, including the prestigious Maggie Award for Excellence.

Writing as Annie Rayburn, she produces scifi/para steamy romances. Imagine our world today with a humanoid race very much like us (Crainesians) living peacefully among us here on Earth and searching for their life-mate. They have the ability to communicate telepathically, can project visions and share dreams. Can you imagine? Not just phone sex, but dream sex? That’s cross-genre sizzle!

While Carol/Annie enjoys the adoration she receives from her furbabies, what she really loves is hearing feedback from her readers. Browse around her website for blog posts, excerpts, review snippets, and more about her sexy characters. Subscribe to her (free!) newsletter for all the lastest happenings.

No matter the name she writes under, Carol promises

“Sizzling romance with heart and humor.”

 Random Tidbits

  1. Native Texan

  2. Youngest of four children

  3. Married my high school sweetheart

  4. Two kids: one boy, one girl

  5. I’ve moved around some, living in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Virginia, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, and Maryland (some of those states twice).

  6. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Tea. What can I say? I’m a Southern gal. Iced tea in the summer time. Hell, anytime, really, but there’s something soothing about a hot cup of fragrant tea when I’m cold.

  7. Favorite alcoholic drink: If I had to narrow it down, I’d pick two. Grey Goose Cosmo or a Long Island Iced Tea, though I frequently opt for a beer or white wine.

Awards and Honors

Winner: Hot Prospects Contest (Bittersweet Obsessions, Erotic Romance)
3rd Place: Heart to Heart Contest (Bittersweet Obsessions, Erotic Romance)
2nd Place: Golden Rose Contest (Her Unexpected Family, Short Contemporary)

Winner: Put Your Heart In A Book Contest (Her Unexpected Family, Short Contemporary)
Winner: Reveal Your Inner Vixen (Her Unexpected Family, Short Contemporary)
Winner: Picture This Contest (Her Unexpected Family, Short Contemporary)

3rd Place: Maggie Award for Excellence (A Suitable Wife, Short Contemporary)

Winner: Maggie Award for Excellence (Return to Paradise, Short Contemporary)
2nd Place: Heart to Heart Contest (Return to Paradise, Short Contemporary)

Honorable Mention: Great Expectations Contest (Forever Kind of Guy, Short Contemporary)
Honorable Mention: Laurie Contest (Forever Kind of Guy, Short Contemporary)

Interviews, Reviews, Articles

Phantoms & Fantasies Reviews:

Phantoms and Fantasies is a magical story of love, passion, and healing that will have readers hanging on to every word. – Tammy, Fallen Angels Reviews. 5 Angels, Recommended Read

Annie Rayburn has penned a wonderful book and interesting characters, which will have readers looking for more of her books. –Angel Brewer, Romance Junkies. 4 Ribbons

Phantoms and Fantasies is a touching tale of healing and love mixed with passion. Kudos to Ms. Rayburn for broaching such a sensitive topic and hitting the perfect balance between Sci-fi and Romance. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a story about survival and love after tragedy.—Shyla The TBR Pile. 5 STARS, Highly Recommended

Annie Rayburn expands her Crainesians’ world with Phantoms and Fantasies and gives women, human and Crainesian alike, a satisfying glimpse into a erotic relationship that begins in the mind. Trust me, you’ll love how Ms.Rayburn turns dating and mating rituals on its head with her Crainesians. – Pamela V. Mason (Smashwords review)

I love Annie Rayburn’s stories and this one definitely delivers on the sensuality and emotion. The sexual tension explodes off the page and so do the intense emotions! I loved this story and I can’t wait to read this author’s next story, Bittersweet Obsessions. – n22v (Amazon 5-star review)

This was a breathtaking story. Ms. Rayburn has totally created a world that is both believable and sexy. I could see myself living next door to a Crainesian and am envious of the link the life mates have with each other. I read this story in one sitting, it was that good. I think the author has a definite keeper with this new world and I can’t wait to read more. – Tami Brothers, (Amazon 5-star review)

Insight Reviews:
“The sex…is definitely hot and steamy… Annie Rayburn will be an author to watch out for in the future.”–Julia, The Romance Studio

INSIGHT is …  packed with emotion. Jon and Sela have an intense sexual attraction and connection from the moment they meet. Ms. Rayburn’s exceptional use of dialogue and description enable us to see the emotional quandary that Jon and Sela fall into upon meeting.
–Tewanda, Sizzling Romance, 4 FLAMES: GREAT READ.  Highly Recommended.


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Book List 

Bittersweet Obsessions, Red Sage Publishing*, June 2011
Phantoms & Fantasies, (HeatWave *, October 2005) Indie re-released  May, 2011
Insight, (HeatWave *, May 2005) Indie re-released May, 2011
Rocking Chair Reader: Family Gatherings, Adams Media, 2005 (out of print)

* Publisher is no longer in business.

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Author portraits by Tonsmiere Studio, Cartersville, GA

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