Insight excerpt

What’s a Crainesian to do when her half human life-mate is too clueless to follow when beckoned?  Seduce him with his own desires, of course!

When Sela Marin encounters Jonavon Wyatt outside a mall, she’s surprised by the instant, powerful attraction and her ability to read his thoughts so clearly. Realizing he is her life-mate, she makes a bold move in the tradition of all female Cranesians, and is surprised to learn he has a fiancé. She leaves, confused by his abilty to resist her advances, but hoping his insight and the traditional mind-mating will bind him to her. After three days of sensual dreams, Sela’s desire has her orchestrating a plan to teach the half-human Jonavon about his heritage. The truth draws him to Sela. She seduces him, completing his Crainesian education with a uniquely intense joining of bodies that involves the giving of their hearts for a lifetime.


‘I’m standing here getting hard. How can I want a woman so much, so quickly? What’s going on here?’

His eyes widened slightly, and Sela pulled in a sharp breath. How was it she could hear his self-talk so easily? That had never happened before without intentional probing which was considered the height of rudeness by her race. She’d had vague impressions, even an intuitive knowledge of other people’s feelings, but never anything like this. Mother had warned her this would happen someday.

She pressed her palm above the deeply scooped neckline of her sweater, in an attempt to calm the birdlike fluttering there. His gaze followed the movement, and he swallowed hard.

‘Bet those aren’t fake.’

Hearing his mental assessment, she bit back a smile and let him continue, enjoying the advantage. But why didn’t he hear her transmission, as well? Why didn’t he acknowledge the age-old Cranesian mind-com, if indeed he was her mate?

‘Oh, hell, she’ll think I’m some kind of pervert, standing here staring at her breasts. Say something. Do something.’ He stuck out his hand. “Sorry to mow you down like that. I’m Jonavon Wyatt.”

“Sela Marin.” She shook the offered hand and smiled as her body flushed with heat. Life-mate pheromones. The knowledge gave her more confidence than usual. Desire urged her to abandon convention and see where this consuming fire took them.

Giving him her sexiest come-hither look, she drawled, “It’s my pleasure. Maybe it’s fate, us running into each other. Let’s get to know each other better.” Without breaking eye contact she inserted one acrylic tipped index finger through his belt loop and tugged him closer. That should make him lower those mental walls.

Reaching blindly into a pocket in her handbag, she withdrew her business card and slipped it into his shirt pocket. “We should definitely get to know one another. Call me.”

“Look, lady…” ‘I must be dreaming. Things like this don’t happen in broad daylight.’ He took a step backward and rubbed his fingers across his forehead. ‘Hell, what am I thinking? Things like this don’t happen at all.’

His thoughts floated through Sela’s mind, bringing with it the vision of her lying back on those satin sheets, his well-muscled body rising over hers seconds before he covered her distended nipple with his mouth. Her heartbeat throbbed below her ear, drowning out the surrounding noise.

Jonavon watched the alluring beauty arch slightly and heard her quiet, desperate, “Ahhh” just before she bit her very full and delectably pink bottom lip. His penis leapt painfully in response within his already snug jeans, and he could have sworn her eyes took on a luminous quality. Damn, but she was hot.

“Jon?” Carmen’s irritated voice cut into the sphere of warmth like an axe, leaving him feeling like a newly emerged butterfly, exposed and vulnerable. He turned toward her, knowing he must look guilty as hell. He felt it, standing here wanting another woman, still sporting a semi hard-on with his fiancée fast approaching. Shit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What others have said about Insight:

“It’s a clever, erotic story, very entertaining and different. …I like how you combine emotional needs and physical needs in the characters; it makes the ending that much more satisfying.” – Michael Little, author of Queen of The Rodeo

Insight takes a teasing crescendo to a beautiful fulfillment. –Joy Calderwood,  Spinoff Reviews

“…a romantic blend of life, love and spirit. Like a chocolate kiss, Insight by Annie Rayburn is a delightful treat.”Kira Stone, Literary Nymphs (4 nymphs) 

INSIGHT is … packed with emotion. –Tewanda, Sizzling Romance,
4 FLAMES: GREAT READ. Highly Recommended.

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