Coming soon!

At long last, I’ve got several (many?) projects in the works!
Here I’ll list background stuff relating to my books, and plans for future books. STAY TUNED!!

#3: Bittersweet Obsessions – re-release early ’22
#2: Return To Paradise – finish current manuscript, edits, format & release
#4: Second Chances – write, etc, then release in Oct.
#5: Mistletoe Weddings – maybe 4.5 novella? – release late in ’22
Fake Fiance For Christmas – write, etc, release in Fall, ’22.
Brazen – historical novella – finish writing, send to editor
#1: Forever Kind of Guy (tentative title) – (complete previous manuscript, edit in ’22, release in ’23)

Progress (as of 12/19/22):
#3: Bittersweet Obsesssions (Re-released 1/27/22)
#2: Return To Paradise (Released 7/5/22)
#4: Second Chances – (Released 12/10/22)
#5: Mistletoe Weddings – complete, in editing phase – release date coming soon!
A surprise release coming really soon!
Fake Fiance For Christmas – (Released 9/29/22)
Brazen – historical novella – it’s in the queue and partially (1/2?) written – moved to 2023
#1: Forever Kind of Guy (tentative title) – (this one I’ve pushed to 2023, but it’s 90% complete already)

PLANS FOR 2023 (subject to changes):
Brazen – Finish writing, edits, to editor, edits after round w/editor and publish. (Mid-May ’23)
Forever Kind of Guy – Edit, send to editor, final edits and publish. (June ’23).
— SS #5: Some Like It Hot – write, etc, etc, and publish – (Late Aug ’23)
— TH #3: Lei Me Down– about 1/3 done – finish writing, etc, etc. (Early-Mid Sep ’23)
— SS #6: The Baby Pact – write, proof, send to editor – (publish in 2024)
— TH-#4: Surfboard Santa, a Christmas novella – write, etc, etc, and publish (Mid-Dec ’23)


August 2022 Update:

Return to Paradise went live on 7/5/22.

Buy links and more info here

Due to my schedule and that of my editor, Fake Fiance for Christmas is now slotted for a September 29, 2022 release. I’ll get a preview page up for it soon. I promise.

I’m currently working on Mistletoe Weddings (Book 5 or maybe 4.5 in the Sweetwater Springs series. If all goes well, it will release late in 2022. No date set yet, but I’m shooting for late November. Fingers crossed.

A Suitable Wife is the first book in my Sweetwater Springs series. The first three books feature three Baxter siblings, Rosie, Travis (Her Unexpected Family) and J.T. (His Small Town Princess).

I’ve just finished book four (Second Chances) earlier this year and am now working on book five (Mistletoe Weddings). Both will release later in the year. Stay tuned here for more information on specific release dates, but I’m shooting for October and November, respectively.

Also stay tuned here (or sign up for my newsletter) for more information on other books which will release this year. Fake Fiance for Christmas releases on September 29th at most retailers. It’s my third release this year.

Next year, if all goes well, I hope to have an additional four new releases!

Happy reading, everyone!

June 2022 Update:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Return to Paradise is a little delayed, now expected to release by June 11th.

While you’re waiting for that to release, here’s a cover peek at my Sept 2022 release: Fake Fiance for Christmas. It’s a standalone, not connected to any series.

And more news: I’ve brainstormed ideas and characters for more Sweetwater Springs books. A total of thirteen so far. 13! Yay, right?

Mar/2022 Update:

RETURN TO PARADISE is still with the editor, but I got cover art, y’all! I just LOVE it. Thanks, once again, to the awesome Dar Albert of WickedSmart Designs. The projected release month is still May.

Update: Due to illness, it was released in early June!

Feb/2022 Update:

The second novella in my Tropical Heat series, RETURN TO PARADISE, is now with my editor. Cover art coming soon! And I’m working on the Story Bones for my next Sweetwater Springs book. Things have changed a bit. Looks like it’s going to be a novel and will be titled (I think) HOLIDAYS TO REMEMBER.

Jan/2022 Update:

I’ve gotten my rights back on my Crainesian novella BITTERSWEET OBSESSIONS and I’m re-releasing it this month! I’m SO excited about the new cover art by Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs. What do you think?

Bittersweet Obsessions by Annie Rayburn, the print book cover

In addition in 2022, I’m working on bringing you…
–Tropical Heat novella #2: RETURN TO PARADISE
–Sweetwater Springs series books:
–a Christmas novella: FAKE FIANCE FOR CHRISTMAS, and
–the first novel in a brand new 5-book series: Family Ties, tentatively titled FOREVER KIND OF GUY

My 2023 and 2024 publishing schedules are in the planning stages with more books in the Sweetwater Springs, Family Ties, Tropical Heat, and Crainesian series. Over time, I’ll also be introducing a One Night series of novellas as well as historicals based in the mid-to-late 1800’s.

My mind is swirling with creative ideas that readers will benefit from. I’ll let you know on this page when new books release and what is coming as I get new cover art. Thanks for your interest in my work!

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