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His Small Town Princess
(Sweetwater Springs: The Baxter’s #3)(e-book and print)

CarolBurnside_HisSmallTownPrincess200J.T. Baxter is having a very bad year. As if adjusting to widower status and caring for two sons, weren’t enough, he has a landscaping business to keep afloat with a loan coming due. The last thing he needs is the town princess waltzing into his life with a business proposal he can’t afford to refuse.

Cassandra Bing feels adrift after her father’s death, a nasty broken engagement and enduring a job she loathes. She’s searching for her niche, something that would’ve made her dad proud and will bring her fulfillment. But gardening is a hot, dirty business, and soon she’s wishing she’d made a different sort of proposition to the sexy dad.

As an affair escalates between J.T. and Cass, tensions grow in a house where secrets fester. Can her presence begin to heal the Baxter household, or will their tender feelings become a casualty of the impending emotional storm?

11/2015:  Working on the last chapter now. I’m hoping to schedule this for pre-order soon and release a bit later this year.

4/2016: Well, the best intentions… I scraped some of the book and rewrote. It’s ending up longer than I’d intended. I know that will be music to some reader’s ears. 🙂  Anyway, I really am in the home stretch right now. Last chapter, then possible epilogue wrapping up this trio of Baxter siblings.

Thanks to all of you who have inquired about J.T.’s book in the Baxter trilogy of this series. I hope to have an excerpt up as soon as I get a few spare minutes. Until then, you can read part of a fun scene in these posts:

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I’m also plotting out Book 4 in this series!

Stay tuned for breaking news . . .

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