Bittersweet Obsessions – Re-released!

Hey, guys! I’m really excited about this news. After getting my rights back on Bittersweet Obsessions, I finally managed to screw up my courage and get back into the Indie-Pub business. It’s a LOT of work, but I’ve managed to get Bittersweet Obsessions, a Crainesian romance under my Annie Rayburn pseudonym, up for sale again.

In case you didn’t see my announcement on the Coming Soon page, this is the new cover by Dar Albert of Wicked Smart

Bittersweet Obsessions by Annie Rayburn

3 Men/1 Woman.
Who’ll trigger her obsession?

Read an excerpt here.

It’s available for purchase now at all the main retailers (coming soon to Kobo), but for your convenience, here are some links:

Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, Google

Thanks for your interest in my work. I’ll be posting more releases throughout the year.

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A Cautionary Tale during Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is traditionally breast cancer awareness month. Pink ribbon symbols pop up everywhere. They’re a pretty sight, but bittersweet for me this year. Today on Facebook, I wrote a PSA for all women to get their mammograms and not put them off. It seems a no-brainer, yes? You would think so, but…

A few weeks ago I saw a FB post by a friend who admitted she’d let her mammogram lapse several years, but finally got one this year. I got an actual lump of fear in my throat because of the chance she’d taken so casually. That, and the month being appropriate, I felt a reminder wouldn’t be amiss and posted this:

I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER on June 18th of this year after a small mass showed up on a routine mammogram and was still there on an ultrasound a few weeks later. Next, I underwent a biopsy, all the while not expecting anything serious because I had no family history of breast cancer.

The doc’s words were like a stab to my heart, but there was good news mixed with the bad. I’m stage 1A, the mass was small. My surgeon did two lumpectomies in late June and late July. My margins were clear, and I was all set to do 2-3 weeks of radiation. The medical oncologist had other ideas. He saw potential red flags and ran an Oncotype test. The results? I’m extremely likely to have a recurrence within 9 years if I don’t have chemo. So, now I prepare for port implantation and 5 months of chemotherapy (if all goes well), a 3-week rest after, followed by approximately a month of radiation. I’m not looking for pity – it is what it is.

My point is, this can happen to anyone. Are mammograms fun? Hell, no. But my surgeon admitted if I’d only done them every other year instead of every year, I could be looking at Stage 4 and long-term chemo, etc. My cancer cells were aggressive. So, heed my words ladies and get yearly mammograms! PSA over. 🙂

Of course, those small paragraphs don’t touch on my experience thus far, and I’ve not even started chemo yet. I’m not sure I’m ready to post all the nitty-gritty, the emotional ups and downs, the heart-pounding moments when my brain still doesn’t want to acknowledge that I have cancer. Sure, they cut the malignancy out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t stray cells mutating somewhere in my body as I sit here. Hence, chemo and radiation.

I may post more about this in the future and I may not. We’ll see how I feel about it.

Meantime, I’m going to start posting about another passion of mine: cooking. If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll have noticed that at times I included in a post what I was cooking for dinner. As hubby and I have begun a Keto diet for other health reasons, they’ll be Keto friendly, but may include other recipes I’ve developed over the years.

Who knows? I haven’t felt very creative for some time, but I might just publish a cookbook of my own.

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Feeling lucky?

Enter my latest giveaway. Two lucky winners will win copies of Nobody’s Baby.

How do you enter? Click on the link below to my Facebook page and follow the directions on the giveaway post there. Easy-peasy!

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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Home For Christmas WEBSITE USE-aThis year I’ve no big list of wants for myself. I’m blessed and content. So this year, I’m reminding you there’s an unlimited supply of my short story, Home for Christmas, to distribute freely to older teens and adults through December 25th.

All you have to do is leave a note under the tree for readers to go to my Carol Burnside books page, find their favorite retailer listed under Home for Christmas, and download it – FREE!

Now Santa, I know you have many children on your list and many elves hard at work, but the U.S. Marines will help you, too. For the less fortunate, I contributed new, unwrapped toys to Toys for Tots. I know those handsome, uniformed, strapping, heroic—Whew! It’s warm in here.—  and sexy Marines will make sure you get them before you take your around-the-world ride.Toys For Tots I’m also reminding my friends to contribute so more needy children will receive a gift. nobodys-baby-web-copy

Oh, and Santa? Don’t get so busy with your duties that you forget Mrs. Klaus! Download a copy of Home for Christmas for her e-reader too. If she likes babies and the holidays (Who doesn’t?), she may also like my novel NOBODY’S BABY which has a Christmas ending.

Happy Holidays!

Carol / Annie

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Jewelry-n-swag giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS…. Jean P!!!!!!!!  Congratulations, Jean. I’ll e-mail you shortly.

yes2016_prizeThis #prize features a beautiful heart bracelet  (features a cool magnet clasp for an easy-on, but secure fit) and an assortment of swag*. Enter by using this Rafflecopter link or go to the TRR party site for this and many other #giveaways during their YEAR END SPLASH Party. Good Luck!

*swag items may vary from picture and may include an additional “surprise”.


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Book Giveaway at YES!

carolburnside_hissmalltownprincess200I’m participating in The Romance Reviews’ Year End Splash (YES) party and giving away a copy of His Small Town Princess.  Enter by completing my Q & A (I think it’s #1) at the TRR PARTY SITE , then check out the other great prizes offered. There’s a ton of ’em!

Good Luck!yes2016



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And the winner is…

Congratulations to Sheila, winner of my “surprise gift and swag” giveaway from The Romance Studio’s Spookapalooza and my post here:
Sheila, the picture below reveals that you’ve won a fancy coin purse and bracelet, a magnetic note pad and swag!

Spookapalooza 2016.jpg

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Box of Books

I love getting the first box of books for a new release! It never fails to make me smile, seeing so many months of work come to fruition. Aren’t they pretty?

Like print books? Look for news here and on my social media pages for a Goodreads giveaway, coming soon.


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Good Grief, a Goodreads giveaway!

Do you still like to hold a book in your hands? Print books still line your shelves? Then this giveaway is for you. I’m giving away five (5) print copies of His Small Town Princess on Goodreads.

This book was given a whopping 5 stars and descibed by TomeTender as “the perfect blend of earthy, sweet and Serrano hot chemistry!”

Check out the excerpt here.

All you have to do to enter is click the “Enter Giveaway” link below. Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

His Small Town Princess by Carol Burnside

His Small Town Princess

by Carol Burnside

Giveaway ends December 17, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

If you’re looking for ebooks – I’m giving away a copy of His Small Town Princess at The Romance Reviews’ Year End Splash (YES) event (see THIS POST).

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It’s time to party again!

I’m partying with a bunch of authors and extending an invitation. Join us!spookapalooza2016_banner

It’s a party for readers!!!

carolburnside_hissmalltownprincess200Blog Posts by tons of authors. Learn more about the authors, the stories behind the stories, the inspirations, the ideas. See the pretty covers, read the excerpts. Shop. Enjoy! Enter to win tons of PRIZES and a BIG GRAND PRIZE ( Psst…$100 GC!!).

BTW, I’m giving away an e-copy of HIS SMALL TOWN PRINCESS—>>>

So, click the Spookapalooza banner above, come join in the fun and find new books to read.


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