Return to Paradise

A Tropical Heat novella (Bk 2)

Release date: May, 2022
Contemporary erotic romance, novella length
E-book, contemporary erotic romance $2.99
Print book, contemporary erotic romance $TBD (Coming soon!)

Return to Paradise e-book cover

Return to Paradise

Mason Caldwell is a luxury resorts tycoon, a busy, determined man with goals to meet:
— build a perfect art studio in their beach house so his sexy, estranged wife will have to live with him while working
— lure Leilani back to Hawaii by commissioning her (through a third party) to adorn the walls of his newest resort with massive canvasses
— find proof that he’s innocent of adultery, and
— get his short-lived marriage back on track, especially if it means encouraging the sparks flying between them to burst into flames.

Still feeling betrayed and manipulated by Mason, Leilani returns to O’ahu with her own agenda:
— ignore her attraction to her handsome husband
— finish the tropical paintings commissioned by him
— earn the money to pay for her mother’s medical care, and
— get Mason’s signature on divorce papers.

Resenting his deceptive methods, Leilani struggles with conflicting messages from her heart and her head, especially with Mason’s familiar touch and heat-filled gazes tugging at her heart.

Can they fight the love and passion that rages between them long enough to rebuild trust in their marriage, or will their relationship implode once again?

– – – – –

EXCERPT (contains explicit sexual language and content): (Coming Soon!)

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