Seasons and Seashells

A Sweet Romance Anthology
with Love Stories for Every Season

Seasons change, signaling life’s beginnings and endings. There are as many interpretations of the passage of time and the meaning of love as there are seashells on a sandy beach. In Seasons and Seashells, members of the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog have chronicled seven of them. A story for each day of the week!

Fall in love all over again with Seasons and Seashells, which contains romantic stories from:

Anthology AuthorsCover art for Seasons and Seashells anthology

Carol Burnside: “Do Over”

Tami Brothers: “Babbet’s New Beginning”

Marilyn Baron: “The Fifth Season”

Lindy Chaffin Start: “Gillians Letter to Paul”

Linsey Lanier: “A Clever Season”

Pam Asberry: “Last First Date”

Maxine Davis: “Sweet Revenge”


Additional stories by Sia Huff,
Sandra Elzie w/a Sandra McGregor
and Sally Kilpatrick
appeared on

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