Inattentive, much?

Okay, so I wasn’t firing on all cylinders while the house was full of people. I never sent TRG off because I discovered that, while the deadline to receive my submission was 1/4, the postmarked date had to be 12/28 and I’d already missed it. Boy, do I feel like a dummy. So, here I am with a submission prepared. What’s a girl to do? Think I’ll enter another contest.

I’ve been busy, but it doesn’t seem very productive. Has something to do with cleaning a house after company and getting back into the groove.

Went for my annual eye exam yesterday. Dr. says I might have a hole in my eye. Well, not exactly a hole, he went on to explain, more like what could be a hole but not to worry. What? Well he went on to explain how I should simply watch for more ‘floaters’ in my vision than usual or sudden bright flashes of light which could mean it’s really a hole. Then it can be repaired with laser surgery. Oh is that all? Well, no. If I should notice a spot where I didn’t have vision anymore, say the upper left corner of my vision, then I should definitely seek help because that could mean the retina is detaching and they can’t fix that like they can a hole. :-O At this point, I’m quietly freaking out, but nodding politely. Okay, doc, sure.

But, really, nothing to worry about – yet. Easy for him to say! I’m thinking a second opinion is in order even though I don’t have vision ins. coverage. Not that anyone is reading this, but I’ll post further updates, anyway. I might want to read what happened to me someday. My memory sucks as bad as my eyesight always has.

Okay, I promised to post my 2005 Writing Goals, so here they are:

1. Revise TRG (Hey, stranger things have happened! Someone could actually want

to see a full.) Jan – March

2. Revise FKOG after feedback from GE contest (April-May)

3. Write Heath’s book & find a working title.

Pre-writing in January, Writing Feb-April

4. Write KITA, or a second book.

Pre-writing in August, Writing Sept-Dec.

5. Polish/finish/write short stories and continue submitting them.

6. Enter TRG and FKOG in the Maggie’s (May-June)

7. Attend Moonlight and Magnolia’s conference. (October)

Make editor appt., and enter a cold read

8. Enter Heath’s book and KITA in NTRWA’s GE (Dec.)

9. Attend monthly GRW meetings

10. Upload and do crits every month

11. Maintain database on RWA list – weekly

12. Keep website up to date

13. BLOG more frequently than in 2004 – (that won’t take much effort)

14. Promote as needed

* Subject to change. J

Oh, wow, I better get busy. That’s a lot. I hadn’t realized. Maybe if I break it down into smaller, manageable goals. Yes, that’ll work. Right.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >And I’ll help. 🙂 I’ll be around to nag you.


  2. Carol B. says:

    >Well, I just paid $5 as incentive to have at least one finished manuscript in 2005. GRW does a jackpot at the end of the year. Anyone paying for a ticket and actually finishing a book goes into a drawing for the entire jackpot. You could do it, too.Hope I’m prolific and lucky this year.cb


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