Fellow writer in need

>I’m starting to see posts around concerning this tragedy and thought I’d lend support in case anyone reads my blog. I encourage friends and fellow writers to repost this, spread the word, and help in any way you can.
THIS tells the story of Marianne Mancusi (author of A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court), who returned from the RWA National conference to find her home burned down due to a lightning strike. You can also read her account and see pics at Marianne’s blog. She was all set to move into another apartment, and didn’t have renters insurance, so will need to replace everything she didn’t have in her suitcase or on her person. Can you imagine having to replace everything? All your food, linens, furniture, underwear, dishes, shoes, clothes–even the hangars… I cannot even fathom the enormity of it all. All her books gone, too.

Thank goodness she’s smart enough to back up her writing and only lost one day on her WIP. (Note to self – back up AGAIN and keep backup elsewhere!)

Spread the word…

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