>Well, I hope some of you caught the News segment I mentioned in the last post. I had a GRW meeting on Saturday. Got home with a stress headache and took a long nap. Even reminded myself to go set the DVR, but my hubby was watching TV. Never did get around to recording it. Shoot! If anyone saw it, let me know what you thought, ‘k?

On another subject entirely – here’s the latest picture of Murphy. He’s growing so fast! More of his “ticking” or spots are appearing. As a mature dog, his white areas could be covered in spots, but we’re hoping not. Both his mom and dad were very white.

Anyone out there ever read the True magazines or remember seeing them from years ago? You know: True Confessions, True Story, True Romance, etc.??? The ones with the scandalous titles, but not-so-scandalous stories? LOL. Well, they’ve been around for some 70-odd years and were recently bought by Dorchester Media. Since then they’ve been changing gradually, becoming more romance oriented. Last week I submitted my first confessions story. (They pay per word and I need some writing income!) Since Murphy is so adorable (not prejudiced in the least, here) I sent in his picture and a short blurb about him for their Loving Pets section. A small accomplishment for the week, but hey, it’s something.

On the new manuscript subject… Waaaaaah! I feel like every idea I come up with has been done to death. I’m trying to brainstorm today, dig deeper and all that stuff, but a lovely headache, the dogs tussling and chasing the very alarmed cat inside because of snow outside isn’t helping all that much. Maybe I should just ditch the idea of a trilogy as I first conceived it and start over.

No pressure, right? I only have to have 25 pgs and a synopsis done by Friday. No problem! (hiding face in hands) It probably didn’t help that I read a great Presents by Jane Porter last night (Taken By The Highest Bidder – kinda reminded me of the True titles. *g*). Man she sure can pack a lot of story in such a small book. Uber Alpha hunky hero. I’m more than impressed. No wonder you see frequent Presents written by her.

Makes me wonder… Will I EVER be that good?

Excuse me. Gotta go write.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >I missed the show too. 😦 Sounds like it was good though.A chapter mate of mine started out writing Confessions. She has fond memories of it.And you have snow??? I though you lived in Georgia…where it was sunny and hot all the time? (LOL)


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