>Catching up…

>because I haven’t felt very inspired lately regarding blog posts. Warning: This could be a close cousin of the dreaded vacation slide show. Only here, you can bug out whenever you want. LOL!

Day one (Tues) was mostly spent driving there, getting settled in the room and enjoying dinner with a long-time friend at the Bonefish Grill. Great food and atmosphere!

My DH and I enjoyed St. Simons Island and Brunswick last week. We stayed at a lovely B&B nestled among huge live oaks draped with Spanish moss. While he attended his classes for work, I did some sight seeing, took pictures and wrote down impressions of the area for possible book/story setting at a later date. I was surprised at how much was still green at the end of February. Here’s a good example of those trees, taken at Fort Frederica and looking out over the salt marsh beyond. I also visited Christs Church, Charles Wesley’s nature walk, the lighthouse, pier and Neptune Park. All in all a lovely day.

To the left is the beautiful–still working!– lighthouse. I climbed the circular staircase all the way to that walkway you see just below the light and took a few aerial shots from there. Gorgeous day.

Below is a shot of the beach at low tide, which the lighthouse overlooks, with Neptune Park, the largest live oak I’ve ever seen and the pier in the background.

Hey, don’t leave. I’ve got great stuff coming up – honest!

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  1. randy says:

    >Okay, now I’m totally ashamed of the blurry/hazy/fuzzy pix I’ve been dragging off my camcorder and posting to my blog. These are beautiful.


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