>Happy, Happy!

>Yesterday, in addition to being the deadline for filing taxes, it was my 26th wedding anniversary. That’s the first “Happy” in the “Happy-Happy” title.

Today I babysat my next door neighbor’s toddler so she could go to the hospital and give birth to his little sister–the second “Happy”. I loaded up my Alphasmart, a notebook, pens and notes and settled in. Obviously, I’d forgotten how much attention a toddler needs. It was nearly 2 p.m. before I got a chance to write anything, let alone jot down notes (who can concentrate with Baby Einstein playing in the background and a toddler shouting MOO?) But when Acton is tired, he’s ready to nap NOW. Bless his heart, that was my chance for writing time. So instead of tackling the First Draft in 30 Days version of my WIP, Taming The Tycoon, what am I doing? Yep, writing this blog entry. (Hey, Randy – I’m back!)

Still, it’s a good free-writing exercise and will get me in the mood so I can get my pages done for the day and maybe even squeeze in a few extra toward my April goal.
It’s a Girl! Baby Piper arrived weighing 9 lbs, 6 oz. Congratulations go to neighbors Hope, Brian, Jake and Acton on the new addition to your family. Good job, Hope!

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