>More on RWA Nat’l–and NEWS!

>Okay, I just gotta post some photos from last week’s RWA Nat’l conference in Atlanta, but before I do…MY NEWS:

A Suitable Wife finaled in the Maggie!!! I just got the call tonight and am still floating. Deep breath.

Okay, now for the pictures.
First up is cp, Elisabeth
with yours truly.
What fun to meet online
pals, even if we didn’t
get to see each other long.

Another online pal and triple
RITA finalist,
Bronwyn Jameson was
kind enough to allow a photo.
I was thrilled to get an
autographed copy of her
latest Desire: A Bought
And Paid For Wife

Next up is Gail Dayton, looking
lovely in a colorful shirt. She
signed The Barbed Rose for me.

And this is Desire author Michelle
with The Millionaire’s
Pregnant Mistress,
a Waldenbooks
#1 Best Seller for two weeks straight!

I’ve more pics to share, but maybe tomorrow. Blogger doesn’t seem to want to upload any more. Drat it all.

As far as the conference itself is concerned, I believe I left off here:

Friday – Woke up feeling fairly refreshed. We ate breakfast in the room. I’m not a morning person, so I tend to bring my own tea, b’fast bars, oatmeal, etc. so I can eat without ever leaving the room.

First stop was the Spotlight on Harlequin/Silhouette which lasted 2 hrs. I can’t say they gave out a lot of information that can’t be found on their website, but it was neat to put faces to the names you see listed for the different lines. A couple things I did get was clarification on the word count issue that plagues us unpublished writers (let me know in comments if you want info on that) and the Bombshell line is being re-evaluated and isn’t taking submissions.

After grabbing a quick lunch at the food court across the street, I went back to my room and went over my pitch. Oh, God – I couldn’t wait to get that editor appt over with. The anticipation is nerve-wracking! I–who usually appears late to everything–was early. Big shocker! The appointment took place promptly at 3:50pm, and an exhausted Susan Litman endured my pitching efforts (I read from the cards.) with grace and courtesy. A requested FULL was the result.

The rest of the day is a blur. If I can recall anything, I’ll add it to tomorrow’s post. 😉

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >Sounds like fun, Carol! Except for the pitching part, of course, but congratulations on surviving that and getting a request. Yay!


  2. >Great minds think alike. That pics on my blog, too.You know what I’ve discovered by looking at the pics of me with some of my fav. authors? I have a BIG head. Seriously, that or y’all have pin heads. :)Nice photos. Love the one of you and Nora.


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