>The Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith (revisited)

>Told ya it was good!

Romantic Times magazine gave The Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith 4.5 stars and a HOT rating. **G** They said wonderful things like “storytelling that paints beautiful pictures and characters”, and “Smith’s wisdom and emotional resonance are astounding.”

Just in case you’re already hooked on this book like I am, the 6th chapter has been posted for your reading pleasure on the BelleBooks website. If you don’t like emotional reads, fascinating characters, gripping prose and books with enough southern flavor you swear you can taste the grits and sweet tea, just ignore this post. But if you do, follow the link and let me know what your reaction is.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. Amie Stuart says:

    >I want this book so bad =(How you been hon?!


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