>Stuck/Unstuck and Miscellany

>I’ve been stuck. On my WIP, that is.

This morning I figured out my problem with KiTA. Something about that last scene just wasn’t right and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Unfortunately, the end was a brick wall, too. I couldn’t see past it, even though I knew stuff that had to happen. The good news is, it only took me 3 days (as compared to the weeks I used to be stumped) to figure it out and with each book, I’m having fewer and fewer stumps like this one. All three nights I went to bed trying to figure it out because the problem usually works itself out in my subconscious while I sleep. Well, last night it worked!

The scene was good, it just needed another layer and a slightly different outcome – the sexual tension and attraction was too thin – almost nonexistent. The scene concerned a serious subject and one that–on the surface–doesn’t lend itself to huge bouts of sexual attraction and innuendo. Yesterday, I read a quote by Allison Brennan from her Q&A intro on the AskAnAuthorAll loop that stated, “When you’re in love, everything matters more.”

That statement reminded me how everything is magnified when you first fall in love. Feelings, sexual tension, the slightest look, gesture, fear or problem is bigger than at any other time. So of course my characters would still have an attraction for each other, no matter what else is going on. I’d just have to find a way to make it appropriate to the situation. That may sound like a ‘duh’ to you, but when you’re writing a scene there are so many things to focus on. Some slip through the cracks until later when you’re in the editing process. Some you overlook until a critique partner brings it to your attention. Some nag at you like this one did me until you make it right.

Let’s hope I get it right. If not, I have critique partners that will point out what’s wrong.

Speaking of CP’s (great segue, hmm?), tomorrow begins a series of posts on my CP’s and their current and impending releases.

And lastly – Happy Birthday, to my brother, Bill! Hope you had a great day, bro.

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