Travis, regarding Claire

Here’s an excerpt from my latest WIP, tentatively titled Knight In Tarnished Armor. I’m sure the title will change as it doesn’t really fit with Special Edition, but there’s plenty of time for that.
This is in Travis’ POV at a time when he’s beginning to realize his feelings where Claire is concerned. Please be advised this is a rough draft, totally unedited and subject to change. Not even my CP’s have seen this yet.

Setup: Just before the scene change, Travis jokingly asked Claire with whom and where had she’d lost her virginity. When she recovered, she countered by saying he could go first with his story.
If it hadn’t been for the brief flash of alarm on Claire’s face, Travis might have pressed the issue just to tease, or brought her to task for trying to weasel out of answering. But that look changed his mind, made him want to erase her unpleasant memories.

He stepped closer, intending to do just that. “Could be the past is better left there.”

Ever since they’d left the hospital, he’d been warring with the urge to pull Claire close and make their friends-with-benefits arrangement a reality. His patience was wearing thin, waiting for her to feel comfortable with it.

The corners of her mouth twitched, and his chest eased.

The woman was part sprite, part witch. Had to be. She’d wormed her way under his skin while holding him at arms length, and he wasn’t sure that was a good thing.

One minute, she was encouraging him with hand-holding and an offer of help, the next she was shrugging off his touch. She had to know where his gaze was focused when her cute denim-encased behind protruded from his near-empty fridge. Yet her subject matter was far from seductive.

Mixed signals.

Did she want him to push the issue, make the choice easier for her?

He took the pen and notepad from her and tossed it on the countertop. The pen rolled noisily to a stop against his coffeemaker as he drew her into his arms.

Her eyes widened.

He held her gaze, letting her see his desire.

She ducked her head under his chin, pressing her nose to his chest.

God. She fit so perfectly against him.

She pressed closer, hugging his waist, and the feel of her softness against him made him hard with a suddenness that bordered on painful. He tilted her chin up with one finger, and slanted his mouth over hers.

Just a taste. To test the waters.

But nothing with Claire was just anything. He should know. He’d kissed his share of women and then some, but this was different. She was different. Having her in his arms like this made him lose his mind a little. Made him want to barricade the doors and make love to her until she admitted this—whatever it was between them—was unexpected and worth exploring. And okay, yes, it made him want to stake his claim on her in the most primal way.

He pulled back a little, nipping at her bottom lip, trying to slow things down before he scared her off. But then she was kissing him back with fervor, escalating their need like match meeting gasoline. Claire was no shrinking violet. She gave as good as she got.

Let me know what you think.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. Liz Falkner says:

    >Great excerpt!! I like it. I know a little bit about Travis already and his characterization shows through. So does Claire’s. Good job!


  2. >I love! Damn, you’re so good!


  3. Carol B. says:

    >Squeee! You ladies are making my head swell. Stop it. No, wait. I take that back. More, more! LOL!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  4. Pamela Tyner says:

    >Oh, I like it! It makes me want to read more!


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