>Saturday Showcase: Blood Hunt, The Legend by J Gilbert

>Blood Hunt, The Legend by J Gilbert
ISBN: 1601860013
Publisher: Triskelion
Now available : e-book download
Coming Soon: Nov 2007 in print

How far would you go to keep a deadly secret? Would you let a little boy die?
Nurse Brianna Eaton’s world turns upside down when EMTs bring her best friend and her six-year-old son to St. Francis. Bri’s blood is the only hope he has. If she saves him, she can no longer hide what she is–a hybrid–part vampire, part witch. Forces will come against her; it’s only a matter of time. Not even the fierce vampire protector her father assigns to help her can stop the fulfillment of The Legend.
REVIEWS (What others say):

KWIPS gave it 5 Shamrocks and a recommended read for the year.
J Gilbert has brought us a captivating story in Blood Hunt: The Legend. This remarkable story is one that will stay with you for quite a while and is not easily forgotten. Blood Hunt: The Legend is a must read for the year.

Suite Magazine gave it 5 Hearts and a recommended read.
Blood Hunt: The Legend by J. Gilbert is an incredible story that grabs the reader from the very first paragraph! Bri starts this wild roller coaster of a ride out of love. Each and every one of these unique characters will stay with you long after you have finished the book. I highly recommend Blood Hunt: The Legend! Get your copy today.

Blood Hunt: The Legend was a 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee
Wow. This is when Anne Rice’s Mayfair witches meets the Vampires, but with less melancholy and more happiness. I LOVED it. Blood Hunt: The Legend is a must read for all of you fans of the paranormal. And Ms. Gilbert, please don’t stop there, I want more!
EXCERPT(You be the judge):

Logan heard the bedroom doorknob click.

Light footsteps echoed in the shadows.

The tantalizing jasmine body wash Bri had used on her skin filled his room.
Was he dreaming?

Lord, he hoped so.

His first impulse was to order her to go away. Didn’t she know he normally slept during daylight? None of this was routine for him. It was hard adjusting to a sleep pattern that matched hers. He knew it was Wednesday, but his days and nights were all screwed up.

When he opened his eyes, she stood beside the bed dressed in a sleeveless tight bodysuit. Silhouetted by the moonlight filtering through the window she looked like she wore nothing. His body reacted. Great, just what he needed—a hard-on. Fighting the feelings she stirred in him, he suppressed a groan.

Apprehension, along with that stubborn determination of hers flashed at him from her beautiful face. “I’m ready to workout.”

He turned his head, glancing at the clock on the dresser. “It’s two-thirty in the morning. Did you get any sleep?”


He thought about using mind control to make her sleep for a few more hours, but decided it wasn’t worth chancing another broken collarbone. Even if it was for her own good, forcing the issue certainly wouldn’t do anything to boost her trust in him.

She turned to leave. The back view of her bodysuit made him look twice at that seductive rear of hers. “I’ll do my warm-up routine, and then run fifteen miles. By that time, you should be up.”

He vaulted off the bed and caught her arm. Their gazes locked.

She is a witch, forbidden fruit. A half-breed, unworthy of him. Yet…

“Give me ten minutes to pull on shorts and a T-shirt and grab a change of clothes for work.”

She nodded, staring at his bare chest. “Can I ask you something?” Her teeth nibbled her bottom lip.

He was tempted to connect with her mind again, find out what she wanted. The texture, richness of her intimate thoughts had comforted as well as intoxicated him. Her snappy retorts, especially the sexy ones meant as insults, had pleasantly surprised him. What about his promise to Bri? Guilt pelted him. He was ashamed at how much he longed to touch her mind with his.

“Sure, ask away.”

“Last night, you had a glass of Merlot, but you didn’t eat anything at dinner. As far as I know, you haven’t eaten since we’ve met.

She hesitated as if afraid to continue.

“Unless you’ve sneaked out…and bitten someone.”

He grinned at her. Was she worried he might get hungry in the middle of the night and bite her? “You really do need to stop watching those horrid movies.”

Nathan would be proud his daughter was asking questions about her family. And Logan was glad to dispel the lies. “I can and do eat food, but not as often as you. Vampires live forever, with or without blood, unless someone succeeds in destroying them. I’m an ancient, strong enough to survive without fresh blood.”

“So you never drink blood?”

“I didn’t say that. Over time, lack of blood would cause me to lose strength.”
She looked away from him. “But you don’t kill to feed?”

“I’m not going to tell you vampires never kill to get blood. Power greedy ones do, but no one in your family or mine slaughters the innocent for blood.”

She huffed out a breath. “It’s hard for me to reconcile what you’re telling me now with this image I have of vampires as undead fiends, who suck the life out of the living.”

“That’s not who I am, Bri.” He glanced longingly at her neck, the carotid artery throbbing with her strong life force. “Women willingly become hosts and give me what I need. In return, I give them great pleasure.”

Curiosity glistened in her eyes as she stared at his mouth. Her emotions beat against his mental shields, making it harder to resist her. Whatever powerful spells she’d cast on him, they were seductive, almost impossibly seductive.

“It’s a sensual act?” she asked.

Heat pooled in his groin. “Very much so.”


He lifted a brow, amused by her last question, wondering how she would react to his honesty. Would it shock her?

“When I sip their blood, they’re in the throes of a powerful orgasm.” He smiled at her and resisted the sudden urge to wink at her. “I’ve never had any complaints.”

She moved closer, tilted her head back, looking him in the face. Her tongue darted out, moistening her full lips.

He felt her mind wrestling with indecision. The same dangerous indecision he was wrestling with.

Moonlight bathed her face and dark hair in a soft halo. The way it caressed her took his breath away.

Bri was like an alluring drug that, taken once, would enslave him forever.

He fought the lustful desire surging inside him as he looked at her.

Damn he wanted her bad.

A great disappointment, mingled with relief, filled him when she turned and hurried from the bedroom.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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