>Perfunctory. Wat’s it mean?

>I like words that aren’t used in everyday conversation. I dunno about you, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “That was a rather perfunctory smile. What’s wrong?”

Saying “perfunctory” feels slightly humorous, sounds kinda old-fashioned, but wat’s it mean?

Yahoo’s definition is:
(adjective) unenthusiastic, routine, or mechanical

M-W online says:
1. characterized by routine or superficiality: mechanical
2. lacking in interest or enthusiasm

So, let’s use it in a few sentences. (Keep in mind, I write romance.)

1. His kisses had become perfunctory, as if he felt obliged to offer what little was left now that the passion had fled their relationship.

2. After receiving word of her ex-lover’s suicide, her on-stage performance was perfunctory at best.

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