De-Christmasing the house.


Don’t you just hate taking all the pretty stuff down and untrimming the tree? This is what my tree looked like this year. A day later there was 18″ of snow on the ground and the view was spectacular.

Every year I end up decorating one or two places and the rest of the house doesn’t look “special” so I spread things out this year. The tree went in our formal dining room. Not the norm, perhaps, but it worked for us because we could see it from other places in the house and this window is next to the road so others could see it too. It was also nice to have this view as we ate the big Christmas dinner.

Other decorations went in the living room, foyer and den. Then we hung wreaths from the windows upstairs and the front door, wrapped the five white columns on the porch with red ribbon like candy canes and hung icicle lights.

In a way I’ll be glad to have my house looking normal again, and I really wouldn’t want to have Cmas all the time. It would lose it’s specialness (if that’s a word). But all the same, it’s kinda depressing that the festivities are gone and we won’t see them again for another year.
Oh, well. Guess I’d better get to it, though the outside stuff might have to wait another day or two. It’s exactly 32 degrees (F) outside and the wind is bitterly cold. I don’t do cold well. It’s bad enough I have to get out and buy groceries later today. Prolonging the experience isn’t going to happen.
Happy 2010 everyone!

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