Ch-ch-ch changes and a mid-week #g1veaway

A sleepy SophieIn contemplating this post, I started drawing correlations between fast-paced writing and a puppy’s rapid changes.

I’m sure you can tell from past and present photos, but Sophie’s looks are rapidly changing.

Sophie’s changes aren’t all physical. Every day is a new revelation for her and for me. I discover personality traits and quirks. She discovers new things. A leaf! A stick!! Look, mom, a mushroom!!! Don’t worry, I saved her from the mushroom in the nick of time, just in case it wasn’t edible.

As time moved on, she discovered there are things above her head. She chases butterflies and looks quizzically at birds as if wondering when she’ll be able to do that whiz-through-the air thing. Ah, sorry Sophie. That will be one of life’s disappointments.

Sophie 7-20-13Over the months, Sophie’s coat will change too. Already her tail is showing signs of ‘flagging’, where the tail hair grows longer and flags out as it waves.  Only time will tell whether she’ll end up looking more like a Cocker Spaniel or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Right now, I’m betting on the Cocker side winning out.

While there are sweet puppy moments I’d prefer to savor a bit longer, nature demands growth and change. Without it, we die.

Now about that correlation…

Authors have a real challenge keeping the reader interested while unfolding the story in a meaningful way. The story cannot stagnate. The characters must change and show growth in their thinking and actions. Sometimes they have setbacks, but there should always be change. Their critical situation must progress, often getting worse or more complicated, sometimes better. In addition, the plot (what they’re doing) must be fluid and interesting or the reader will be bored. No inactive, ‘thinking about things’ scenes allowed!

All these changes must happen realistically, and continue from page one to the end. No easy feat, let me assure you. But that’s what we writers try to accomplish every day, from rough draft to reader-ready books for sale. The story must evolve or it loses the reader’s interest.

To celebrate change, I’m giving away one lucky commenter a copy of my short story, Insight, which gives new readers a sizzling taste of the Crainesian world I’ve created in a contemporary setting.

Want more chances to win? “Like” this post and get an additional entry! The winner will be announced in a separate post. Good luck!

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Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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