Tuesday Tidbits 12.3.13

I hope all my stateside readers had a lovely Thanksgiving. If you’re preparing for Christmas, you’re way ahead of me. I usually don’t decorate until after Hubby’s birthday, which is this friday. Frankly, I dread it this year because neither of our kids can make it home. My sister and nephew will be here, so I guess I’ll drag out the boxes and “deck the halls.” Perhaps then I’ll feel more in the spirit of things.

In the meantime, I’ve been spreading the word about Home for Christmas as fast as my tired fingers will type the promo materials. I’ve a Christmas party to attend in D.C. with Hubby’s business associates, then a quick turnaround back home.

I found a lovely “Christmas Cake” recipe from Fiona Lowe’s blog (mentioned in last post). It’s what we in the USA call Fruitcake except this one calls for the fruit and citrus peel to be soaked in rum, brandy and whisky for a minimum of two weeks. I figure how bad could it be with those ingredients? 🙂  I’ll be cutting it close on the soaking time because we live in a dry county and the nearest liquor store only sells beer and dreadful wine. I plan to make a run to a real liquor store on Friday during our trip back from the airport and will get one missing ingredient…the brandy.

Then there’s those pesky Christmas cards to send out. Yes, I still do those every year. What about you? Cards, photo card, or nada? Have you decorated yet or have parties to attend?

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