1st impression: Bachelorette Andi

Last night was the premiere of the Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman and her 25 contestants. Among them was Eric Hill, who died from injuries sustained during a paragliding accident (unrelated to the show – he’d already been eliminated). There is talk on the internet of how insensitive it would be for ABC to show Eric and how painful it would be for his family.

I’ve lost family members, including a brother. I know the pain that comes with it and feel much differently about the situation. I give ABC a first impression rose for leaving him in the show.

If his passing is still too raw and the family doesn’t feel they can’t deal with seeing him on the show just yet, they won’t. I suspect some of them will record it to watch at a later date, and when they do, they’ll remember the son/brother/nephew/grandson they loved and will cherish his image and celebrate a vibrant life.

I came to that conclusion because there are many times I wish I had a tape or audio recording of my mother, my grandmother, my dad. I saved the last voice mail I received from my brother and have kept it in my phone for over three years, even though he was sharing bad news relating to his worsening health problems. Does it tear my heart out to hear his voice? Oh, yeah. Sometimes it’s almost unbearably painful, but I don’t have it in me to hit that delete button. Maybe someday I’ll feel differently, but for now it soothes something inside me more than it rips away.

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  1. Eli Pacheco says:

    I remember the sadness I felt in adjusting the baseball-cap size on my dad’s old hats after he died, to fit me. At first, all reminders are painful of a loved one lost. Eventually, you’re thankful they existed. I agree with you, someday this footage will represent a cherished reminder of him. Only time will tell when.


  2. I totally agree with you, Carol. It seems like when a tragedy happens–especially one that is newsworthy like Eric’s–the overriding sentiment expressed by loved ones left behind is their desire to share the essence of that person’s life and character. By including his part in the Bachelorette, so many more people will be able to witness this young man’s zest for life. To me, it’s a great tribute, and I’m sure the producers/editors have done their best to include footage that will honor him.


    • Exactly. I’ve been to funerals where family and friends presented a collage of pictures and notes and even memorabilia from the person’s life which was both touching and lent meaning to the person’s life. Attendees could see that the deceased’s life was well lived and how much the person would be missed.


  3. I agree with you, Carol. It’s a painful situation for his family and friends, but to be able to see him in the footage is like a gift, a glimpse back into his life. To show how much he embraced life and adventure.


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