5-star review and RR for A Suitable Wife!

recommendedread (2)CarolBurnside_ASuitableWife_300-MedI was excited to learn recently that A Suitable Wife had been awarded a Recommended Read badge, along with a 5-star review from Pamela Reveal at the SSLY blog (Smile Somebody Loves You).

Pamela said, “Can your best friend become more or will you lose the friendship?  And if you truly love someone do you turn them loose or do you hang on, even if it can destroy things?  Take this journey and feel the emotions as they unfold.”

I would’ve shared sooner, but have been traveling and working on something I’ll talk about tomorrow. Yep, that was a shameless teaser.

Thank you Pamela and SSLY! I love that you loved Rosie and Sam’s story.

UPDATE: I’ve just learned that ASW is up for Book of the Month!

Please stop by the link below and vote for A Suitable Wife at SSLY if you’ve read and enjoyed or just want to support indie authors. You can vote once a day while the poll is open.

June Read of the Month Poll.

Thanks, everyone!

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