Tuesday at #RWA2014

Okay, so my trip to San Antonio and the RWA conference began on Tuesday. I flew in, grabbed a shuttle and made it to the hotel and my room with no trouble. Whew! I wasn’t there long when my son called that he was on his way from Austin, where he works as a firefighter and EMT.  When he arrived we walked along the Riverwalk and stopped at the Esquire Tavern, a night spot the Marriott’s concierge recommended as being eclectic.

I was so excited to see Jason, I only got one quick picture before our food came. WP_20140722_004

The Esquire Tavern was located in the upper story of an historic building and looked very Texas, inside and out. We had drinks at the bar while waiting for a table, but it didn’t take long. Our dining selections were (from their menu):

CHICKEN MOLE – mesquite smoked organic chicken, dark mole, candied almonds and creamed corn

HUITLACOCHE ENCHILADAS – corn tortillas stuffed w/ huitlacoche & creamed corn, topped w/ huitlacoche salsa, Oaxaca cheese, chimichurri and macerated onion

I have to say, my son’s enchiladas were better than the mole. Mine had a great flavor, but was a thigh/leg quarter and really difficult to eat. The waiter tried to convince me that the bright pink inside my chicken was a vein. Um, no. Cook it more. They did. I ate. Just when the darkness of the mole became a bit too intense, the candied almonds rescued my palate and made me want more.

WP_20140722_007 Live music topped off the experience and we walked back. Ever the EMT, Jason roused a transient sleeping under a bridge because neither of us were sure he was breathing. He grunted an answer. We left him to his stupor and continued on to enjoy a small cup of gelato on the return trip along the riverwalk. Yum!

Tomorrow: Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Susan arrives! And a humongous book signing.

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