What’s up, y’all?

Lots going on around my desk.

carolburnside_hissmalltownprincess200After a few minor hiccups during the uploading process, His Small Town Princess flew the nest in mid-September. I was so busy, I forgot to mention that here. (mea culpa!)  Reviews are starting to trickle in, but I need more to get the book noticed, so if you’re one of my readers who doesn’t mind leaving a thoughtful, honest review on Amazon, B&N and/or Goodreads, shoot me a note at carol@carolburnside.com.

However, I don’t have the print version available yet, only Mobi and ePub files. I’m currently working out glitches with the cover file.

Between releasing the ebook and print, I took a long weekend trip to Austin to see my son, then a week-long trip to Atlanta to attend a conference. And that’s where my critique partner and good friend, Susan Carlisle and I brainstormed new work.

I hope my readers enjoy the idea of this as much as I do, but here’s the concept for the new WIP (work in progress): a Christmas wedding in Sweetwater Springs with sightings of many of the characters seen in A Suitable Wife, Her Unexpected Family and His Small Town Princess. PLUS, I’m introducing Mac and Karla, the couple I’m going to write about in book 4!

LOL – Just then, I felt like I was mimicking one of those informercials where the announcer says, “but wait, that’s not all!”


In between all that, I’m loving on my three furbabies who love to run in the field at sunset.

mod-baby-afghanI’m also crocheting pretty stuff for identical twin great-nieces expected in early December, if not before. That border isn’t thrilling me though. Thinking I’ll probably frog it and do something else.  The colors in the variegated thread do match several colors in the blanket, but it doesn’t look cheerful like the blanket.

What do you think?


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