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Mistletoe Weddings is the 5th book in my small-town Sweetwater Springs series. It features a younger hero and heroine than I usually write, but I really enjoyed seeing Luke and Madi struggling to adult while dealing with several strikes against them.

In Mistletoe Weddings, Luke and Madi have been dating for years and practically live together in his mom’s home. They’ve settled into a routine that Madi fears is too comfortable. Their “dates” are mostly going to his mom’s house to eat after work. Here’s a snippet from one of those “dates”:

Luke took the second clean plate Madi proffered and dried it, stacked it atop the other one next to their dessert bowls. She looked so pretty in her sleep shirt, no bra, and her hair still damp from her shower. “This is great, isn’t it? Just like we’re already married. I can’t wait.”

“Yeah, that’ll be great. When do you see that happening, Luke?”

“I know you’re impatient for it, Madi. Just give me a little more time. I’ll make it happen sooner than you think. You’ll see.” He grinned, thinking of the ring she would love as he dried their forks. The possibility now existed of them having a wedding in two weeks.

Two weeks!

Madi shook her head at his often-repeated line, and her mouth firmed. No smile of trust tonight as she washed the skillet he’d used to make their scrambles.

Oh, he wanted to tell her so bad. But didn’t want to spoil her dream of him proposing on one knee. Of her having an engagement ring to show all their friends. Of Madi having the whole experience like she had on those pretty vision boards she’d made over the years.

They’d agreed not to burden his parents with the expense, and hers had refused to.

He’d seen those boards of hers, the bits of lace and baubles here and there, ribbons and silk flowers. Three dimensional, but frequently there was a picture of a guy on one knee. He had to give her that because he couldn’t give her the dream wedding. Couldn’t swing it any way he figured it. Not unless they waited another few years and that wasn’t happening.

No way, no how. Madi was already impatient, and he felt it too. They needed to have their own place, to get on with their lives and bring some of their dreams to fruition. Would she like his plan?

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  1. Sweet, but very believable. I worry Luke will lose her by keeping his plans secret.


  2. Janet says:

    Interesting. Seems to ahve an obsession with kneeling men


  3. Daryl Devore says:

    So sweet. He wants to give her the dream proposal. Hope it all works out.
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