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A Cautionary Tale during Breast Cancer Awareness month

I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER on June 18th of this year after a small mass showed up on a routine mammogram Continue reading

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Is the blog phenom dead?

Is blogging dead? I’ve noticed a lot of writers are using Facebook to post pithy, newsworthy items, mentioning milestones in their careers, running contests and such all through their news feeds and Twitter streams. Is that today’s blog? Continue reading

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Confessions of a focused EroRom writer

Throughout my internet travels, I occasionally run across other writers who seem to have no problem  chasing the latest sub-genre du jour. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. If they can write it with all the interest and … Continue reading

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Blogging here, blogging there

I’m blogging today at PFHT and celebrating I Love To Write Day! Come see why I’m thrilled!

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Drive-by post

Nothing much to tell, so I’ll make this brief. I’m blogging today at PFHT and letting my frustrations out while I’m at it. Come on over and see what’s got me steamed! It might be something that pushes your buttons too.

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Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

I ran across a great post. Interesting reading for all authors, especially those who have gone Indie or are contemplating it. And while you’re there, check out his Popular Posts in the sidebar. Good reading there too. Enjoy!

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Series romance diversity

>A writing friend of mine produced a nice article on the diversity of series romance. I thought it was good, so am sharing the link with you.

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>Happy Halloween?

>My hubby asked me last weekend if I wanted to buy pumpkins and a hay bale or some kind of decor for the front yard. Uhm, no. I’ve got mums in a hanging basket and an autumn wreath on the … Continue reading

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>American Idol – teleprompter kerfluffel

>In a recent article, folks are up in arms about the use of teleprompters on the Tues and finale American Idol shows. For those people arguing that the contestants should have been more professional and learned their lyrics, I have … Continue reading

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>5 BIG reasons to have CP’s

>It amazes me when people confess that they don’t utilize critique partners (CP’s) for whatever reason. Either they’re shy about their work, they don’t like others reading their work (In which case I’m left wondering why they’re seeking publication – … Continue reading

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