I’m ba-ak!

Sorry about the long intermission there. My DH & I are in north Georgia and in temporary housing at a Residence Inn. The house hunting trip was successful and the house is now ours. Yea! In between then and now, we returned to Hawaii, said our goodbyes, did the last touristy things we’d put off, and oversaw the packing process. I’m sad I won’t get to attend book signings for my friend Morag McKendrick Pippin’s new book Blood Moon Over Bengal coming out in October by Dorchester. It’s getting great reviews on the ARC’s and I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection. (Miss you, Morag!)

Regarding the new house, we’re working on changing out some of the painting, arranging for fencing the backyard and mundane things like that. I’ve enjoyed furniture shopping while we’re waiting for our household goods and vehicles to arrive from Hawaii. Vehicles should be here in two weeks and the goods shortly after. Meanwhile, we sand, paint, design the interior and get acquainted with our neighbors. I am constantly reminded how friendly and open southerners are. (I should know, I am one. LOL) What a refreshing (and sometimes disconcerting) trait.

Writing has taken a definite back seat to the move, but I did ship my computer here so I feel more at home already. On the writing note, Arabella passed on the light paranormal citing it was too erotic. But, hey, they mentioned ‘the writing is very good’ so it didn’t feel like a rejection. I was encouraged. Too bad it came at a time that was impossible to write. I’ve got notes galore on new short stories and potential novels. Now to just get them written…


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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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