>Wrapping up FDi30D & Contests

>On FDi30D, let’s just say it’s better not to talk about it. Maybe next week. I’m…mulling things over.

On Contests? No, I didn’t final or win anything. I’ve been blogging a bit and ended up shaking my head that anyone could give a Jane Porter Presents book a 2 in the Rita. Yeah, apparently it happened. See for yourself. Jane blogged about it here. Ridiculous! Not Jane, but the judge. Yeah, I know it’s subjective and all, but I agree with Jane. I’ve read some of her Presents. As a reader, I get lost in them. As a writer, I experience more than a little envy and I want to pour over them, learn from them. I can’t believe that a book on the bestseller lists could receive such a score. That’s not impartial. That’s someone with an agenda. If you can’t put your personal prejudices aside, you shouldn’t judge. Period.

Alison Kent is also blogging about Rita judging. Seems there’s a Blaze author whose book was determined to be “not a romance”. I’ll let you read Alison’s version. She says it so much better than I could, but I guess this judge decided she knew better than one of the most reputable romance publishers what is or isn’t a romance. Humph!

Anyone else agree the GH & Rita contests need an overhaul?

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