>We’re expecting again…


another puppy, that is.

Beau (also a Pudelpointer) is 8, Murphy (A tri-color Llewellen English Setter) is 3-1/2. And then there’s the feline member of the family, Tabitha (aka ‘kitty’), who turned 15 last month. Yes, we’re probably nuts, but we’re expecting our 3rd bird-hunting dog to arrive at Dulles airport on 9/11. He’s one of the Pudelpointers in the 9-puppy litter you see in the picture, all adorable at 4 weeks.

I’m sure all that adorable will wear thin as we go through the house-training process. That I’m not looking forward to, nor the chewing phase, but it’s all part of the deal, isn’t it? At this point, we’re bandying about names. I say Patch, if we get one with a white patch on its chest. Hubby says Guiness, after one of his favorite drinks.

Hmm…I wonder which one is ours?

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Today’s Menu:
Appetizer: Multi-grain bread dipped in seasoned EVOO
Entree: Slow-roasted Pot Roast with Onion-mushroom gravy, carrots and whipped potatoes.

Dessert: Wild berry shortcake
Wine: Tarara’s Wild River Red

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  1. Cat Schield says:

    >Cute Puppies!!!!! I want to squeeze one and all. Your new addition is sure going to keep you busy!


  2. >Aren't they? I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. LOL


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