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>As you can see, blogging hasn’t been high on my list of priorities lately. I didn’t forget about posting my 2006 goal results and I’ve been working on a new list for 2007. I’ll post both soon.

But tonight I wanted to tell you about a new (to me) website I came across today. I needed to know just a little bit about hot mopping for my new WIP. Hot mopping is a roofing application where hot stinky, gooey tar is literally mopped across the surface of a building to seal it. Other than that, I know nothing about how one would estimate the cost of hot mopping or what one would look for to give an estimate. So, I’ve posted the question on allexperts.com. First you choose your subject matter, which brings up an expert’s resume and pertinent info. You e-mail this person the question and wait for an answer. After I posted my question, I received a confirmation e-mail almost immediately. It informed me that I should get an answer to my question within 3 days or I can click on a link they give to inquire why. Then they have this at the bottom of the e-mail:

Thanks for using our service; if we can ever be of further help, we have thousands of volunteers who can answer questions about Arts, Entertainment, Travel, Auto Repair, Business,Investing, Law, Medicine, Computers, Software, Careers, Education, and more, all at http://www.allexperts.com

Pretty cool, yeah? If it works, that is. I’ll keep you posted as to how effective it is, but it could be a nice source for off-the-wall writing research questions.

1-5-07 Update: Well, I still think it’s a cool site, but my expert didn’t know about that particular kind of roofing, or at least not about the estimating a job part. Response time was 1 day. Not bad. 🙂

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