>Looking back at 2006

>2006 was a good year for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I revisited my list of goals to see how many I’d actually achieved. I’ve posted the list below so you can see how I did. One thing stuck out for me when looking over the list: I need to put more emphasis on writing and less on other writing-related endeavors. Getting my name out there is important, promoting myself, if you will – getting known in the writing community. But unless I have the manuscripts to sell and keep turning them out, all the promotions in the world won’t help me build a career. So, I’m trying to skew my 2007 goals in that direction.

Thanks to a new Excel spreadsheet – a gift from Donna Caubarreaux of the ContestAlert Yahoo group (ContestAlert-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) – I have a much better way of tracking my progress and keeping on track this year. Thanks, Donna!

So, here’s my report: Carol’s 2006 Goals in Review

Slam Dunk:
_X_ Polish book #3 (RTP) and submit or pitch to editor (Partial was rejected by Desire, so I shelved this one for awhile.)
DONE: Write book #4, let marinate a few weeks & polish.(ASW – the TRG re-write. I re-wrote, pitched and sent in requested full.)
_X_ Write novella #2, let marinate & polish
DONE: Write and publish at least two articles
_____ 10 Ways to Maximize Your RWA Experience (6/06 GRW Galley)
_____ All In Good Time: My Advice to The Novice Writer (2/06 GRW Galley)
_____ Self-Imposed Deadlines: Inspiration or Insanity (10/06 GRW Galley)
_____ Kid Swap (SOLD! to Couple Connection for True Romance)
DONE: Write at least two short stories or another novella and submit.
______ A Widow’s Summer Romance – SOLD!
______ Substitute Bride (mini) – SOLD!
DONE: Enter 3 or more contests, including:
______the Maggie, Great Expectations, & Golden Heart
DONE: Enter GRW’s March workshop (Taming The Tycoon)
DONE: Pitch to an editor at RWA Nat’l
DONE: Attend monthly GRW meetings
DONE: Judge 1-2 contests
______Passionate Plume
______Golden Heart
SORTA: Blog regularly (kept up fairly well until end of year)
DONE: Update website as needed
DONE: Perform duties for online writing group as promised
DONE: Perform duties as Hospitality Chairman of GRW
DONE: Perform other volunteer duties
DONE: Volunteer at Nat’l RWA Conference
_X_Write book #5, let marinate a few weeks & polish

_X_Write or pre-plan book #6 (worked out some details on my Hellions Heirs Trilogy)
DONE: Develop plans for the Mikels/Rycker series (Did Rock Springs trilogy instead)
DONE: Write Novella #3 or more shorts
______FILLED WITH GUILT (for confession mags)
______I have 2 others in progress.

Pie In The Sky: (These are the ones that would be a dream come true. I have little control over some of these other than to write the best books I can.)
DONE: Get a request for a full
_X_Sell a book
_?_Sell another novella (Sold short stories instead – does that count?)
_X_Final in more than 1 contest (Just finaled in Maggie – didn’t enter any others until late 2006)
_X_Win another contest


Pitched ASW to Susan Litman at Nat’l
Entered 2 mss in 5 contests.
Submitted 1st chapter and Synop for crit by published author
Submitted 4 articles; 3 published
Submitted 1 requested partial due to contest placement
Submitted 1 requested full due to editor appt. (Nat’l)
Submitted 3 short stories to 2 TRUE mags; 2 SOLD
Submitted 7 features to 2 TRUE mags; 3 SOLD

All in all, not too shabby an outcome, but I do hope to have more manuscripts to show for 2007.

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, do you revisit them during the year to keep yourself on track or do you set them and forget them? I’d be interested to know what others do.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >WOW!! Way to go girl!! Good for you!I hope 2007 is even better!


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