>Saturday Showcase: Winning the Highlander’s Heart by Terry Spear

>Winning the Highlander’s Heart by Terry Spear
ISBN: 0-9785368-3-5
Vintage Publishing
Available in both e-book and Print


Deceit, Intrigue, Romance in Medieval Scotland and England during the reign of King Henry I.

Determined to avoid King Henry I’s randy advances, Lady Anice of Brecken attempts escape, wishing to find a Highlander to escort her home to her castle in Glen Affric where she will rule until she can find a laird worthy of her hand. Laird Malcolm MacNeill desires an English bride to improve his standing with those in power. But rescuing the Scottish lass from an escape attempt casts him into deadly political intrigue when the king sends Malcolm and his brothers to escort the lady home and investigate the disappearance of some of her staff. Now he must protect the king’s ward without losing his heart to the willful lass, or he could very well earn His Majesty’s wrath…and lose far more.

REVIEWS and QUOTES(What others say):

Winning the Highlander’s Heart, Honorable Mention, Connections Awards
5 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews!!! Reviewed by: Janet
Winning the Highlander’s Heart is a story of true romance and adventure. It is definitely worth reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
5 Hearts from The Romance Studio!!! Malcolm and Anice make a wonderful couple. The chemistry between them is very strong and their attempts at denying it, at times is humorous. Winning the Highlander’s Heart is a thrilling action-filled adventure that will capture the attention of the reader and keep him spellbound till the very end.
Romance Junkies: Rating: 4.5
… a delightful story right from the very first page. This story is fast paced, full of witty dialogue, and interesting characters that will keep readers entertained for hours.
Lighthouse Literary Reviews
FIVE BEACON REVIEW FOR Winning the Highlander’s Heart
Reviewed by: Linda
Winning the Highlander’s Heart … delightful story… remarkable … charming characters … Exciting, captivating, mesmerizing and down right sensational this book has all the delectable elements that make it a huge winner!
“Intrigue, political maneuvering, and engaging characters results in an entertaining story that will keep the reader turning the pages. A great read!” Shelley Munro, The Second Seduction
EXCERPT (You be the judge):

The thud of hooves galloped on the grassy earth in her direction. She cursed under her breath. She needed no horseman’s help to descend a rope. Her hands slipped on the coarse hemp and her heartbeat quickened. She was a wee bit out of practice.

“Drop to me! I’ll catch you!” the man’s deep, sexy voice shouted with a distinctive Scottish burr, as he guided his horse beneath her.

She snorted. If she dropped to whoever stood below her, no doubt her skirts would fly up around her ears. “‘Tis nay concern of yours. Move away.” She meant to speak her words harshly, commanding the man to do her bidding at once, but her voice sounded way too soft and overmuch like pleading to her ears.

She glanced down at him, sitting astride his roan destrier. Belted at the waist, a pleated saffron wool tunic rose to mid-thigh, exposing his brawny muscular legs. The narrow tunic sleeves stretched down his arms, widening at the wrist, revealing large hands that clutched his horse’s reins with a fierce grip.

Her gaze drew up his massive chest to his dark brown hair, highlighted with reddish strands hanging loose about his broad shoulders, framing and at the same time softening the harsh angles of his face. He had the kind of manly nose that befit Scottish royalty, a sturdy square chin that tilted up toward the heavens, and the kind of lips women begged to kiss. Not a Norman or a Saxon, but a handsome devil of a Highlander. ‘Twas not his broad shoulders and chest that gave her pause, but his furrowed brow and darkened brown eyes that compelled a longer look.

Her fingers slid again and her heart leapt into her throat. To her surprise the man quickly stood in his stirrups, his hands outstretched ready to catch her.

“Jump, lass, and I shall catch ye.”

A sprinkle of perspiration trickled between her breasts. ‘Twas not too far to fall, only one more story now. If she landed on the gentleman, he’d no doubt break her tumble nicely. She continued to slide down the rope, her arms quickly wearying. At twenty , she was getting much too old for this.

The rough rope tore at her tender flesh. Her fingers burned. Trying to ignore the pain, she clenched her teeth, and lowered herself further.

“Milady!” The man grabbed at her.

When he caught her foot, she nearly fell, and gasped in surprise. She kicked his hand away. “I do no’ need your help.” Not unless the hand belonged to a Highland laird who wished to take her away from here and back to her home without delay.

His hands slid up her hose-covered leg and rose to her naked thigh. She screamed out in shock. What in heaven’s name were his hands doing up her chemise?
Coming soon by Terry Spear:
The Vampire…In My Dreams, Sept 07, Samhain
Heart of the Wolf, Spr 08, Sourcebooks

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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