>Tues Tidbits: Weird art

>Have I mentioned my preference for unusual or odd bits of news? Today I ran across an artist in Yahoo’s People On The Web. The article was titled “Strokes of Genius” and I have to agree with that assessment after checking out a few of the videos and artwork of Phil Hansen. It’s amazing the things this very average-looking guy has done. He seems very nonchalant about it, as if he’s just having fun.

Example? How about a wall-sized portrait of a serial killer, made up entirely of his victims portraits? A large portrait of the madonna, made up of pb&j? Or how about a portrait of Bruce Lee, made from karate chops of black paint?

And the real genius about the whole thing is he often videotapes himself creating the art, so we can see just how he went about it.

Check it out.

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