>AI, Season 7

>AI is a favorite show of mine and has been for years, although I’m usually not one to blog about such things. This morning I was reading Belinda’s blog and AI was the topic. While writing a comment, I realized I do get rather caught up in rooting for my favs. This year, I feel they have the most talented group yet. The competition is going to get FIERCE!

This week I wouldn’t be surprised to see Luke Menard and Cady Malloy go bye-bye. Luke because his voice grates on my nerves (and I figure others out there must feel the same way). I think he’d be great as a tenor in a group, but I wouldn’t want to listen to him as a solo artist. Cady because I don’t think she’s been bringing it like she should have to survive. Not with the competition she’s got.

As for others that might be in trouble?
**Brooke White and Jason Castro need to step it up, show that they’ve got more than the laid-back sound inside them. Jason more so than Brooke.
**Amanda Obermyer is another that needs to show the world that she’s more than a one trick pony. We know you can do hard-edged rock, girlfriend. Now how about putting that rough-voiced sound to a slow but heartfelt ballad and blow us away with your softer side?

Things that bug me, but have nothing to do with singing?
David Cook and Ramiele Malubay’s hair styles. Jason Castro’s is weird, but it seems to fit with his sound. David’s looks like he’s trying to compensate for what’s not on top and Ramiele? That whole side-swatch-falling-down thing drives me crazy!

So…how about you? Do you watch AI? Got any predictions or gripes you’d like to voice?

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5 Responses to >AI, Season 7

  1. Devon Gray says:

    >I’m not watching AI this year. The only show I make time for is “Lost”. I spend a lot of my tv time now reading books to review…sigh. Most of them are good, though, so it’s not too much of a burden! Have a great day-Devon


  2. >I agree on Ramiele’s hair! I told my hubby that I wish they’d fix her hair and make her wear something other than a tank top. It’s very island, but it’s too predictable as well.I thought Amanda’s last performance was chalkboard-scratching awful. But I love her voice and I really think she can do something if she’ll take the time to think about her choices.I want to see Kady Malloy let herself go, you know? Anybody who can do those impressions the way she does ought to have a kick butt voice. But she makes bad choices. 😦


  3. >Ooh, Devon, you’re missing it–big time. This is a really talented bunch. Great entertainment.Lynn, I agree with you on Amanda. Last week was pretty awful. Guess we’ll see if she changes things up.


  4. Walt Mussell says:

    >Carol, it took me a while to figure out you were talking about American Idol. I kept asking myself, “Who’s Al?” as I didn’t realize it was A-I.I never watch past the bad rounds. Enjoy.


  5. Randy says:

    >My problem is that I can never keep the names straight until it gets down to…oh…about six people. Ha. Once we got to Hollywood week, I thought…wow…best batch of contestants EVER. Then, when we got to the live studio performances, I thought: where did all those talented people go??


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