>A-I, Top 8 Guys

>Damn, they did a good job. I may have to rethink my earlier assessment of Jason Castro. Maybe he just knows his niche and does it well, because his performance was the bomb.

The 3 David’s were on their game and Hernandez’ stripper past went unreferenced. Not that it should be mentioned. This is a singing competition, and if stripping doesn’t affect their viability as a performer, why should it be a factor?

Paula is…too much herself lately. On this I have to agree with Karin. Maybe she took too much medication or something, but I could barely stand to listen to her. Thank God for TIVO and fast forward.

Who’s going home? I still say Luke Menard is out. As for the other guy to go, it’s anyone’s guess. Karin’s hoping for Danny Noriega and I can see why after viewing his disgusting and very angry video on TMZ, Unlike Hernandez, that could actually have a negative effect on his popularity. Hmm…

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  1. Randy says:

    >Sigh. Okay, I still don’t know who’s who, so bear with me. The so-called shoe-in (the infant?) is my favorite so far, even though Simon thinks he should do something a little more lively. TO me, the boy’s vocals soar over the rest–AND I LOVE the way he turns an old song into something new and different. I also made a point of paying attention to David Cook’s name last night, cuz I thought he was great. And I like the unique quality of Dreads-Guy. He too brings his own special interpretation to each song. Um..the Aussie guy? Totally overrated IMO. Okay, I’m gonna really concentrate on the ladies tonight so I can offer an educated opinion.


  2. >LOL, Randy. I cheat by pulling up the Top 24 pics on the americanidol.com site. There’s too many for me to remember all the last names without checking.


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