>Am. Idol – Top 10


I TIVO’d it. I always do. Can’t stand to watch commercials.

Stellar night. The guys won, hands down.

When my son came in from work I had to replay Michael Johns and David Cook for him. Mind you, he’s mid-twenties and he was totally into it. Michael Johns blew him away singing the Freddie Mercury/Queen song, but we both agreed we would have bought a CD for David Cook’s cover of Billie Jean for that song alone. I was ready to crown him and send the others home.

Michael Johns totally rocked the house. I’m predicting he’ll be in the top 3 along with David Cook. There’s few people in the world who can cover that song without people wincing in pain. He did it. Powerful pipes.

and #3??? Carly or Syesha or Chikeze Eze

I thought Syesha was good, Carly not so much this week. For me they seesaw back and forth each week. We’ll see who has the staying power, who steps it up, etc. Chikeze will get a recording contract regardless. He’s a true performer, knows how to work the crowd.

As for the rest…Brooke, Castro, and Archuleta I’m starting to feel meh! About. They’re are all fading into same ol’-same ol’. They need to bring it quick or they’ll be gone. Christy and Ramiele have nice voices, but they don’t stand out for me. Christy has the stage presence of a mannequin. Ramiele tends to get screechy for me and her hair still bugs me falling in her eyes. *sigh*

Who do you think will go tonight? I’m torn. There were several I didn’t vote for.

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  1. Amie Stuart says:

    >>>Can’t stand to watch commercials.We are SO SPOILED! I can’t either. I HOPE Chikezie gets a contract. I really love him *sigh*That’s really funny about Christy. Makes me wanna google and see if she really DID perform around here. Maybe it’s just serious nerves


  2. >I’m late getting here, but I LOVE David Cook. Have from his audition, but I love gritty rock voices. 🙂 I voted for him (first time EVAH) and I bought the extended version of the song and the video off iTunes. I’ve never, ever bought Idol songs before. That was AMAZING. 🙂


  3. >Ditto, Lynn! This is the 1st season I’ve actually voted, and I voted for David – twice! LOLThen I had to download iTunes and get his single. Love it!


  4. >I’m such a party pooper. I watched Wife Swap. But why can’t it be Husband Swap?


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