>Tuesday Tidbits and A-I

>Over at I Heart Presents, Lynn Raye Harris’ winning first chapter and synopsis are on display as well as her editor’s comments. Wow. What a strong story and great voice. I have no doubt Lynn will have great success as a Presents author.

My CP, Linda is editing one manuscript for publication and starting a new WIP this week, since as a teacher, she’s on Spring Break. Most people rest, but that’s Linda! It’s no wonder she has so many books contracted with Samhain. Go check out her latest two covers. OMG, they’re gorgeous!

I’ve started a new WIP too. This one’s working title is His Perfect Partner and is the 3rd in my series that includes ASW and HUF. That title will probably change, but does fit the story very well. I’ve also (finally!) updated my word meters in the sidebar, should you care to look. 😉

My weather pixie was stuck on a balmy day sometime last week or the previous. I had to adjust my location slightly, but she’s back to more accurate weather. We get warm spring days, then rainy and cold, but Spring has definitely appeared here. I took a bunch of pix yesterday of the pretty flowers around my yard. Will have to download and post soon.

Regarding American Idol: Karen Tabke and Amie Stuart cover that topic so well and more consistently than I so I’ll refer you to their blogs. I usually leave my .02 in their comments sections. After last week, my enthusiasm for the show waned after Michael Johns was voted off. What were people thinking? There were several more deserving of being voted off than he was.

Okay, enough tidbits. Until next time…

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. Amie Stuart says:

    >I’m DVR’ing tonight so I can finish my taxes! Hopefully I can watch before bedtime overtakes me.


  2. >Carol, how did I miss your sweet comments!!?? Thank you. 🙂 Hope the new story is cooking!


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