>Sunday Summary

>Some weeks just fly by and this one did. I kept meaning to get over here and blog, but it never happened.

No changes on the progress meters this week. Instead of new pages, I’m working on editing HER UNEXPECTED FAMILY, getting the full ready to send to Susan Litman at Silhouette Special Edition. BIG thanks to Darcy and Linda for reading through the entire manuscript in a short timeframe, catching my flubs and giving me their feedback. You ladies are awesome!

In my last post, I mentioned a non-writing related nail-biter. That situation is close to being resolved. Another couple of weeks and I’ll have something concrete to tell you.

The RWA National convention was in San Francisco this weekend and should be over now. I hate that I couldn’t make it this year and can’t wait to hear all the news from friends who did go. I have been following several of the LB&LI (Left Behind & Loving It!) workshops. For those of you who didn’t hear, Lynn’s Paperback Writer blog gives you a list of workshops and such. I couldn’t participate much, but there’s great information to be had. Check them out.

And in a personal note: I’ve been trying to eat smarter. Hubby and I have been counting Weight Watcher points. I’m down 3 pounds. Yay! Those of you who frequent this blog may have noticed that the ‘Today’s Menu” addition has been absent for some time. The reason for that is hubby has been working out of town a lot and I’m not cooking nearly as much. But this weekend he’s home, so here’s our easy-peasy menu…
Today’s Menu:

Grilled venison hamburgers (very low fat) with fixin’s and reduced-fat provolone 🙂
Klondike gourmet and petite potatoes, seasoned and roasted

Iced tea

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