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Bad company

It’s a good thing I’m alone today, because I don’t think I’d be very good company. Why? A year ago yesterday, my niece passed away. A year ago today, my eldest brother passed away. My shoulder is hurting like mad, … Continue reading

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Out with the old, In with the New

>Can’t say I’m not glad to see 2010 go. It brought much stress and sorrow into my life. The year exited quietly at my house, helped along by a bottle of the bubbly stuff which hubby and I shared. Though … Continue reading

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>Sunday Summary: This-n-That

>This past month, I’ve been the queen of mini-posts/hit-and-run blogging/(enter your favorite description here). Honestly, my concentration has been on getting back into a writing routine now that the bulk of my relocation chores are done. A horrid stomach bug … Continue reading

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>Trying times, fought-for words.

>I’m a writer. Writer’s write. I have to keep reminding myself with that little mantra these days, what with life interfering on a daily basis. Do you ever feel the same, like life is full of evil little gremlins, derailing … Continue reading

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>Sunday Summary

>Some weeks just fly by and this one did. I kept meaning to get over here and blog, but it never happened. No changes on the progress meters this week. Instead of new pages, I’m working on editing HER UNEXPECTED … Continue reading

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